Mental Health Issues

So how's everyone been?
Things are still mad busy in Moose Land, but it looks like we're over the peak now. We're off for a couple of well deserved weeks in Corfu soon, then hopefully things will be back to normal, just in time for a shitty British winter

So while I've been off blog, I've pretty much been ignoring the news, becuase why wouldn't I? I've obviously seen the bigger stories, you know, the ones you can't avoid: Net zero and climate alarmism, men thinking they're women, Lawrence Fox shagging some bird on GB News and such like, but for the main I've not been keeping up with it and my life has been a little better for not having done so

Someone on this blog (I think it was StonyGround, but correct me if I'm wrong) recommended a website called, 'Not Always Right'. It daily stories about people, often customers, making bellends of themselves. It's a great daily dose of humour, so I've got into reading it on a regular basis. It's mainly American stories, with a few European ones thrown in too, but the people described are a higher level of stupid than you're likely to encounter in daily life

I was also surprised how woke so many of them are. Some of the posters express themselves with various levels of trasgenderism, and offer nonsensical pronouns, but it's in the comments where it all becomes apparent. Stating your mental ilness in the story is met with a raft of congratulations from the commenters. They all appear to be heavily left wing, and not just on this subject. 
And there are a lot of them. When I first started reading, I instigated a few pile ons and had a couple of comments actually deleted for being offensive. Offensive, me?
Now I just read the funny stories and don't bother to comment on anything of a woke / political nature

Which brings me to this quote:
am a legal adult but am not allowed to make ANY decisions for myself especially for my own body
How unusual? But there are many unusual people on that site and I figured the reason would become apparent
I’m also genderfluid, and my gender expression is usually masculine or androgynous.
I see. This is where I would normally chirp up. Something on the lines of her not being allowed to make any personal decision becuse she's been protected from her various mental illnesses
I'm sure you can imagine though, that comment would be met with a huge pile on, deletion and possibly me being banned

It's just not worth it. Maybe later in the year, when things have calmed down again and I've got the time to sift through a hundred angry responses, and maybe even post some here, I might change my appraoch

Not yet though

See y'all later


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