I haven't gone anywhere

Things got a bit busy for a while, towards the end of March. I thought it might last a couple of weeks, but do far it's shown no sign of letting up
We've taken on a massive contract at work, that is going to keep me too busy to think, until about October. In addition to that, everything is going on at home too (In a good way)

So in all the excitement, I've just realised, I haven't posting anything here for ages. It helps not having the time to read the news. If you don't know what the idiots in Government, police, environmentalism, transgenderism, the NHS, the public sector, the schools, and the rest of the western world are getting up to, it's hard to get annoyed about anything

I may have been busy for a while, but it's helped the old blood pressure

I'm not going anywhere though. If anything crops up that annoys me or fascinates me, I might do the odd blog post. If not, I'll be back as soon as I can. At this rate though, it may be autumn

Be excellent to each other

This is what grips my shit...

 ...about the trans cult

Just for the record, I don't read Teen Vogue. I picked up the link from another blogger, and I assume he did the same *Ahem*

So teens be 13 to 19 year olds, and this is what thier media is offering them
The article itself is about how Ron DeSantis, Governor of Florida and possible candidate for the next US President, has signed into law, a number of bills that apparently strip away the rights of trans people

If you're brand new to this debate, articles like this sound as though people are advocating going back to the days when it was illegal to be gay, when gays were sent to prison and when skinheads used to go gay bashing for shits and giggles on a Friday night

Anyone familiar with the debate understands that Trans culture is far removed from LGB culture and laws like this are designed to protect children from the unscientific nonsense, dangerous indoctrination and downright filth that the trans lobby is peddling
Also that as far as human rights go, trans people have no less than anyone else

This is what the evil facist has signed into law in Florida
Senate Bill 254, which imposes harsh restrictions on gender-affirming care for both minors and adults
It prevents interference in the growth and developement of children with the use of things like puberty blockers, and prevents sex change medical procedures being performed on children
House Bill 1069 bans trans students from being able to use their correct pronouns and allows anyone in a school district to flag classroom or library material that contains sexual content for potentially permanent removal.
It doesn't prevent anyone from using their prefered pronouns if that's their thing. It prevents people from forcing others to use their prefered pronouns
It does not ban education books that contain educational sexual content in the correct context, it allows the banning of trans propaganda that contains pornographic filth that no children should be exposed to (And most adults, but that's up to them)
HB 1438 bans minors from drag performances with hefty penalties for establishments that might violate its provisions
Yes. But I fail to see why parents would want to take their small children to heavily sexualised drag performaces anyway. If that's what parents are doing to their kids, then as much as I despise banning things, somebody does need to step in and put a stop to it, as the parents are not doing their job
HB 1521 would ban trans people from using the correct gendered facilities in schools, prisons, or any “public buildings.”
Translation. It prevents men from using the womens toilets. Or any female only space. So far I have not heard protest from women who want to use the mens toilets, it's always the men who want to invade womens areas. Of course I use the word 'men' lightly here
Last but not least, HB 225 gives the state government control over the Florida High School Athletic Association “to ensure women’s sports are protected,” which is right-wing code for anti-trans sports bans. 
It's not code. Code is supposed to hide the meaning. Here the meaning is clear. It's to protect womens sports from men, who have a phisical advantage when competing
'Anti Trans sports bans' is the real code in this sentance. Nobody is being banned from sports, they are just being told to compete in thier own categories to maintain fairness. Again, you never hear of women demanding to compete in mens sports, it's only ever the mediocre male sportsmen who want to gain an advantage by competing against women cheating
Trans folk are always telling us there are more than two genders. Why not have more than two categories in sport? Nobody is stopping trans people having their own category or competing in the one they biologically represent
Advocates immediately slammed the so-called Let Kids Be Kids package.[...] DeSantis is “directly assaulting our freedom.”
Advocates who 'slam' this, reveal a great deal about themselves. What freedoms are being assaulted here?
The freedom to perform irreversible medical changes on children who are too young too understand or consent
The freedom to have professionals fired from their jobs if they do not indulge your fantasies
The freedom to expose young children to men dressing as women and simulating sex acts, and to 'literature' bordering on graphic gay porn
The freedom to demand access to womens toilets
The freedom to cheat in womens sports and effectively erase bioligical female winners from sporting events

I'll never speak up for the removal of freedoms, as long as no harm is done. These 'freedoms' do massive harm to children, women and wider society, so I have no problem agreeing that DeSantis has done the right thing here

He may even make a half decent president. America really needs one, right about now

Conversations you have at work

Where I work, we do a lot of packing stuff and sending it out in the post, for other people. I'm responsible for setting up the jobs. Yesterday I overheard two people talking in our office about a current job. It went a bit like this:

Person 1: "We need to despatch the orders to Sicily first"
Person 2: "Are the orders to Sicily separate from the others?"
Person 1: "I'm not sure. I don't know if it was set up that way"
Person 2: "Well if they're not, we won't have time to sort through each order and look for the Sicily ones. They will have to be despatched as they are packed"

I felt the need to interupt at this point

Me: "hang on. This job was supposed to be UK only. We're not supposed to be sending anything to Sciliy"
Person 1 and 2 at the same time with very confused and slightly sympathetic looks on their faces: "Sicily is in the UK"
Me: "No it isn't"
Person 1: "Yes it is, it's an island down south"
Person 2: "Yes, that's correct"

Now I was a little baffled. I know Sicily is an island, but it's in Italy, definately not the UK. But both these people are in senior and quite responsible positions, so for a second or two, I started to doubt myself. Is there a Sicily in the Uk that I wasn't aware of?

Me with an 'I don't believe you' tone in my voice: "Are you sure?"
Person 1: "Wow, it's not often I teach you something, Bucko"
Me: "I'm not having that. I'm going to Google it"

Can you see where this is going?

They meant the Iles of Scilly

Me: "Do you mean the Iles of Scilly?"
Person 1: "Yes, that's what I said" *Walks off*
Person 2: "See, we told you" *Puts head down and starts typing"

Sometimes. Just sometimes...

The things you read on economics blogs

It's a pretty safe bet that reading Tim Worstalls blog will not subject you to much more than a dry economic analysis of some misguided newspaper reporters views on capitalism, or the occational comedic swipe at Richard Murphy, the man with the economic knowledge of a pigeon

Sometimes a short article will crop up that has nothing to do with economics and more to do with letting us know that Tim reads some off the reservation, and occasionally questionable material. Presumably for blogging input rather than pleasure

With all that in mind, I expect Tims blog to be the kind of thing I can read while eating my lunch, without risking losing it over my keyboard. But there's a first time for everything:

Ok, so I didn't see that coming. I have commented a few times on the filth that the trans cult is trying to introduce in schools, with the drag shows for kids and the childrens books filled with trans porn, so I thought this might benefit from a little more analysis at my place

It was the use of the word, 'Transfag', which I haven't encountered before. To me it seems over the top smut, disguised as something that's supposed to be an everyday word, with the veiled threat of, I dare you to comment

So I clicked the link (Link supplied for information purposes only. I advise you not to bother)

The article begins:
When my partner and I decided we wanted to seek out casual sex partners, we were hopeful
I won't quote any more than that. What Tim said about a hookup not being a respectful thing, was a huge understatement where this article is concerned. From the first paragraph, it descends into a tale of unashamed depravity and filth, told as though this is normal everyday life for the couple involved, and for their wider 'community'

These are the people fighting an ideological battle with normal human beings and trying to get their way of life taught, even encouraged, in education settings for very young people. And these are the people who are claiming the moral high ground

Unfortunately, they also seem to be the people who are winning, as all the institutions and political class (with a couple of exceptions), have capitulated

I'm so glad I chose not to have children, with disgusting perverts like these around

Are we supposed to be terrified by this?


Here we go again
There's a new Covid variant
It's killed one person. Globally, so that's out of what, nine billion?
Died with, not of
Cases rise. Cases. From what, to what?

So far, you've more chance of dying in a blimp accident

Will they ever let this go?

The things they write in newspapers

Usually, when flicking through my news feed, it's mostly guff, but every now and then, there's something that's just incomprehensible

What the absolute bejesus is a G-Flip?

As best as I can make out, some z list celebrity. One of those who tries desperately for relevance by being transgender, or some such
Did you spot the mistake the Daily Mail made there? They / them pronouns in paragraph one, followed by 'her' in paragraph two. You can go to prison for misgendering, these days. Or something

So who is this non-entity?

Don't fancy yours much!