So I gets to work this morning, has a fag, makes a brew and sits down at my desk. Two of the polish packers came in the office, one who can't speak a work of English and one who speaks a little

The one with a bit of English says, "She very sorry, she drive on car park and she bump"

So she bump, obviously means she hit my car. I asked if she did any damage and she said "Yes!"

So, decisions
I had this in my mates garage a couple of weeks ago for a new fuel pipe and he found a large rust hole under the rear arch, along with other indications that it might need a fair bit of welding to get it trough the MOT

I have it booked in again next week so he can asses exactly what will need doing and the cost, so I can decide if I get it done or sell it now with a couple of months test left on it. I've been secretly hoping someone would run into the back of me and I can just get it written of and get some money, but this girl is a colleague, so I've given her the option to pay cash for the damage

I'll be taking the car in after work for a quote. I think she may be in for a bit of a shock though

My guy is cheap, but it can still cost up to £250 to have a bumper re-painted, plus the cost of removing it, reparing the mountings and refitting, assuming the bumper can be salvaged, which looks likely

So if she gives me the cash, what do I do?
Keep her money and don't get it fixed
Keep her money and kick it until it fits back into place and hope the scratches buff out
Keep her money and get it fixed, even though I might not be keeping the car
Keep her money and put to towards the cost of the welding

With hindsight, it might have been better to just go through the insurance. I'll see what my guy says tonight and take it from there. the quote may yet make her eyes bug out

But then the insurance will probably just write it off, and I don't have anything else in the pipeline, which means I'll have to buy it back and keep driving it

This is either going to be a blessing in disguise, or some kind of monumental ball ache

Oh well, shit happens

You can tell. You can just tell

If a newspapaer article is going to be left wing tripe, full of inaccuracies and the opposite of what it claims in the headline, you can tell from the first paragraph
Nigel Farage's viral census rant is 'simply not true', ONS confirms
I clicked on this one when it popped up in my news feed, becuase I was sure Farage was suppposed to be quoting ONS stats in his 'rant', however the first paragraph did it's thing
Sitting in the back of a car with a Union flag emblazoned cushion behind him (for some reason) the washed up Brexiteer gave a rundown of the recently published census' findings and said that London, Manchester and Birmingham becoming "minority white cities" represented "massive demographic changes" happening in the country.
The language used, just says biased left wing twat
Which is wierd, as I always thought the Indy 100 was some kind of car race, not a left wing gutter mag

The article goes on to show that all of what Farage said was true, with sats to support it, but there may have been one small technicallity that would make some of what he said, not quite 100% true, but only if it were cross examined in a court of law

This small technicality is refered to as
Utter hogwash
Which are almost the exact words I use when reading anything penned by a left wing idiot

Whales on a Plane 2

This story is the other side of this coin:
‘Humiliated’ plus-size model claims Qatar Airways denied her boarding for being ‘too fat for economy’
You have to admit, some people are too fat for economy. Some are even too fat for first class. Plane seats are small, the world over
But if you're an entiltled lard arse who advertises themselves as a plus sized model and influencer, you don't have to admit anything, you just have to scweam and scweam if life doesn't bend itself to your will
A Brazilian plus-size model has accused Qatar Airways of denying her boarding due to her weight.
Model and influencer Juliana Nehme, who has 153,000 Instagram followers...
This is what I don't like. She's not a model, she's a disgusting fat whap. And if she's influencing 153,000 people to be just as obese as she is, she's a disgrace to humanity
Ms Nehme adds: “I tried until the end to allow me to fly, since we were four people travelling together, and she REFUSED UNTIL THE END to sell me the ticket!
She also alleges that one of the staffers “pushed” her during the confrontation, saying “I was threatened”.
“When I tried to record what they were doing, the girl at the counter pushed me and it didn’t help.”
“I was extremely humiliated in front of all the people at the airport! All because I’m FAT! Shame on a company like Qatar to allow this type of DISCRIMINATION to people! I’m FAT But I’m JUST LIKE EVERYONE!” she said.
“It’s not fair to buy my ticket and be HUMILIATED, THREATENED AND BARRED FROM FLYING!”
She sounds sane. So is she too fat for economy? Would she likely swallow up the passengers next to her with her armpits like the grand canyon?

Yes she would
You could click to biggen, but I wouldn't reccomend it

She's not just fat, she's morbidly obese. Whenever someone make videos promoting anorexia, they are swiftly taken down, but for some reason, this is encouraged. It's not healthy, it's not attractive, it's just downright lazy

Anyway, the airline disagrees with her accusations
However, an airline representative told The Independent Ms Nehme had been denied boarding for being “extremely rude and aggressive to check-in staff”.
“The passenger in question at Beirut Airport was initially extremely rude and aggressive to check-in staff when one of her travelling party did not produce required PCR documentation for entry to Brazil. As a result, airport security was requested to intervene as staff and passengers were extremely concerned with her behaviour. We can confirm that the passenger was rebooked on a flight from Lebanon.”
She does strike me as the type who would be extremely rude and agressive. Someone that big, clearly has no self control or boundaries

And there's 153,000 others out there, being 'influenced'. God help us

Free Speech Abolitionist

This is an article from the Guardian that popped up in my Microsoft News feed

It's typical Guardian divvel about how Twitter has been taken over by fascicts since it was bought by Elon Musk. It couldn't be further from the truth, and it's main grift is to promote any right of centre viewpoint being censored, in order to prevent any scruitiny of the left

The article isn't worth reading, let alone discussing, but what caught my attention was the absence of something in the image above

Sussed it?
The comments button

I suppose it's only to be expected, when someone calls free speech a dangerous fantasy, they certainly wouldn't be up for people providing their own opinion on that

I'm not sure who decides if comments can be on in Microsoft News; the individual newspapers or Microsoft
I know that Microsoft do censor the comments when people are allowed to make them. I tried to comment on an article about Nicola Sturgeon the other day, and no matter how I tried to word it, I just kept getting, "This comment does not comply with our communitity standards"

I forget now what swear word I was trying to call the delusional old bag

And now back to something more light hearted

Railing on entitled fat whaps

Our protagonist in this story is an 18 stone woman who booked a personal shopper at House of Fraser, for her birthday. She's also a woman who expects reality to conform to her views and complains to the papers when it doesn't

People like her are the reason people like me write

Our villain is the ever suffering personal shopper at House of Fraser, who has to help fat people try on underwear, for minimum wage

And our story starts a little something like this:
Woman left in floods of tears after being 'fat shamed' by personal shopper at House of Fraser

Two things there that didn't happen. She wasn't fat shamed and she wasn't in floods of tears, she just got the compo face on and ran to the papers
A woman says she was left humiliated after being 'fat shamed' by a personal shopper at a department store in Manchester.
Ronnie, 44, had booked in for a wardrobe refresh at House of Fraser on Deansgate for her birthday on Tuesday, but was left in floods of tears after being contacted the day before.
Ronnie, who wears a size 18, said the email made her feel ashamed of her body image and said the response from the store had 'completely ruined' her birthday.
Ronnie, who had earmarked two hours of her birthday to attend the appointment with her partner, branded the email "unprofessional" and said she's been left "upset" and "disappointed."
"I was in floods of tears yesterday when I received that email," she said. "It completely ruined my birthday as I had planned my whole day round that experience.
"The email just left me feeling fat shamed
Over the top much? Well let's proceed to the defence, and find out. What did the email say?
In the email, the personal shopper said: "I need to start by apologising for the short notice, but I think it's best if we postpone your appointment for a wardrobe refresh, until we have a better selection of stock to shop.

"From your responses I can see that you are looking for pieces in the fuller figure size range, and sadly in store, we currently have little or no stock beyond a size 14.

"It would be of little benefit to you to go through the process at the moment, because you would probably go home empty handed!"
Professional, caring, apologetic

There's nothing in that email that would offend a rational person, but if you're an entitled, self loating person who cannot admit they have a problem, then by all means, turn on the waterworks
"The email just left me feeling fat shamed. I think it's shocking that a shop that size doesn't cater for women with a broad range of body shapes."
Shops are buninesses and can cater for who they bloody well like, but even the reasons for not being able to obtain over sized stock were explained to her
"I just don't want anyone else to experience what I have. Nobody should be made to feel the way I was, especially on my birthday. I definitely won't be going back there.

"The humiliation was the main thing for me. I just don't think it's fair. The average woman's size is between 16 and 18 so if they can't cater for that something is seriously wrong."

Oh FFS! It's my opinion that people like this should be fat shamed good and often, until they are so ashamed of their body type, they actually do something about it 

After complaining about the response she received from personal shopping, Ronnie said she received an apologetic email from a manager offering her free coffee and cake.
Oh, that's all she needs

More cake...

I hope you realise, this means war

War can be a fickle thing, particularly in the world of  trans entitled activists
The Texas Legislature Is Preparing an All-Out War on Trans People’s Existence
This is the opinion of  someone called Alejandra Caraballo, in a 'publication' called Slate. Whoever Alejandra is, her qualifications and position at Harvard Law school suggests she's highly educated. This article however, does not

In fact all it tells me, is that she has at best, a wierd sense of priorities and at worst, is probably a little deranged
Republicans’ midterm debacle could have led the party to conclude that centering an assault on the existence of transgender people is not a winning electoral strategy. But it didn’t. Instead, the GOP is doubling down on its crusade against LGBTQ people.
Oh the humanity! A political party attempting to tread on the rights of a minority group and erase them from existance. Sounds horrific, doesn't it. But in reality, that's not what's happening at all. The fact is, this 'war on trans', is simply an attempt to protect children from what has become a continuous and unstoppable tirade of perversion
The most vivid example can be seen in the Texas legislature, which saw the introduction of 10 separate bills designed to criminalize gender-affirming care for trans youth, criminalize drag shows, ban trans kids in sports (again), limit changes to gender markers on the birth certificates of minors, and limit discussion of sexual orientation and gender identity in schools.
Criminalise gender afirming care for trans youth = Stopping irreversible surgery on impressionable young people who may simply be going through a phase

Criminalise drag shows = Stop men dressing as perverts and dancing in front of very young children

Ban trans kids in sports = Stopping males performing in female categories and cleaning up

Limit changes to gender markers on birth certificates of minors = Stopping children legally identifying as something they are not, when they are probably just going through a phase

Limit discussion of sexual orientation and identity in schools = Removal of normalisation of perversions in classrooms and preventing anti-science indoctrination of school children
For those who are not terminally online, the continued attacks on LGBTQ rights, especially those around drag shows, may seem baffling.
Indeed. If I was not plugged into what is going on, I may be baffled too. I mean why would you want to stop adults of any sexual orientation, getting together and having a drag show? 
Those plugged into the online right’s anti-trans extremism, however, will not be surprised
Indeed. Because we know it's not about adults doing adult things in an adult environment, it's about adults doing adult things in front of young children

What does baffle me is why men would want to dress up as women and then dance for young kids. Why they would want to be open about this and expect the rest of us to celebrate it and enable it. What baffles me even more is why some parents do want to enable this by taking children, their own children, to see this stuff
The blitz in pre-filed anti-LGBTQ bills in Texas is the logical legislative follow-up to the chaotic and threatening scenes outside of drag shows, pride events, and children’s hospitals this past summer. Several LGBTQ events throughout Texas drew protests from neo-Nazis, proud boys, and Christian nationalists
I've left the links in, if you fancy it. They're both to something called 'Vice', and both allude to people turning up at events such as a 'Drag Brunch' and 'Drag Bingo', wearing Nazi Swastikas. They don't seem to mention the reason for the protests and who the bulk of the protestors were. They also don't mention the ages of the children attending these gatherings
while the Elm Fork John Brown Gun Club, a group of LGBTQ anti-fascists clad in all-black armed with AR-15’s, were present to provide community defense
Because clad in black and carrying AR-15s says 'Anti-Fascist'. And I really would like to know if the 'community' were the people asking to be defended by anti-fascists, or if they were the ones protesting against the pervert brunches
These extraordinary events were partially the result of a moral panic pushed by far-right online influencers such as Chaya Raichik, who runs the notorious Libs of TikTok account..
Not so. All Libs of Tik Tok does is re-produce Tik Tok videos made by Libs. If those videos provoke anything, then it's purely down to the Libs who put them online in the first place, not the Twitter account that brings them into the light
The right’s obsession with drag shows is producing dangerous legislation in Texas. Two nearly identical bills introduced on Nov. 14, H.B. 643 and H.B. 708, would classify venues with drag shows as “sexually oriented business” in the same vein as strip clubs. 
Once again, this use of the term 'Drag Shows' fails to acknowledge the audience. These shows are, for unfathomable reasons, targeted at young children. The classification is the way of preventing these young children being exposed to this
it would add onerous restrictions that could essentially eliminate drag shows in the state of Texas.
Onerous restrictions = not allowing school aged children to watch men expose themselves in womens clothing
Venue owners where drag is performed could be 
'Could be'
required to pay a $5 fee per patron to the state and post anti-sex trafficking posters in restrooms.
And anti child exploitation posters?
Most importantly, it would give Attorney General Ken Paxton, who has already called for the criminal prosecution of drag queens,
Only the ones who expose themselves to kids
the ability to file suit against venues who violate the law.
Allow school aged children in to watch 
Throughout the summer, Libs of Tiktok began targeting children’s hospitals around the country for providing gender-affirming care, leading to Boston Children’s Hospital receiving death threats and bomb threats to its campus and the homes of providers.
Although death threats are wrong and people should really be showing a little more self control, it does go towards the depth of feeling about this
Libs of Tik Tok never promote or encourage violence, but where health care providers are performing irresversible and damaging surgery of impressionable kids who don't have enough capacity to consent, just exposing this in the mainstream, is likely to get decent people hot under the collar

If you are doing something morally reprihensible, and you take flak because someone exposes you, it's your fault alone, and maybe you need to re-think your life
Texas is no stranger to political attacks on health care for trans youth. In late 2021, the GENECIS clinic at the Children’s Medical Center in Dallas that provided gender-affirming care closed as a result of political pressure from Paxton and Gov. Greg Abbott. The clinic began accepting new patients again only after a provider filed suit against the state alleging improper political influence as the reason for its closure.
If improper political influence is a thing, we need some of that over here. It seems like politics impropely influences everything we bloody do, these days. But still, if political influence ever had it's place, it's shutting down places like these
Earlier this year, Abbott, relying on an advisory opinion from Paxton, directed the Department of Family and Protective Services to investigate the families of trans minors for child abuse. 
Abbott’s order resulted in families being investigated by DFPS solely for having a transgender child.
Not for having a transgender child, but for parading their young sons around in dresses with pink hair. The idea being to find out if the parents are pushing this trans stuff on the kid

For the record, I don't think there's any such thing as a trans child. Do with that what you may
Paxton and Abbott’s plan to punish the parents of trans kids faced road bumps in the courts because Texas law does not actually deem gender-affirming care to be child abuse
Then the law needs to be clarified or changed
Now GOP lawmakers are trying to change that. There are currently three nearly identical pre-filed bills—H.B. 42, H.B. 672, and H.B. 436—that would define gender-affirming care for trans youth as “child abuse” in the Texas Family Code. 
A step in the right direction
The new laws would criminalize the parents of trans children and open the door to their arrest, while their children would be forcefully separated from loving homes and thrown into a state foster system in crisis.

The law would not affect parents of trans children in any way (if such a thing exists), as long as the parents are not forcing thier children to appear trans and are not using them to affirm their own trans credentials in public
And child 'thrown' into the state foster system would be so only because they have been removed from mentally ill parents who would never give them a chance in life
If labeling loving parents as child abusers wasn’t enough, two nearly identical bills—H.B. 41 and H.B. 122—would make it a felony offense for healthcare providers to perform gender-affirming care. Additionally, the bills would strip liability insurance protections from providers who perform such treatments. In total, there are five bills introduced into the legislature that would criminalize gender-affirming care for both parents and healthcare providers.
Good. Performing life changing surgery on children without the capacity to consent, should be an imprisonable offence. No exceptions
The rest of the anti-LGBTQ bills seem almost tame by comparison because they do not criminalize access to healthcare and the existence of trans people in public venues.
None of the above do that
But that does not mean they wouldn’t cause immense harm. One bill, S.B. 162, would ban changes to the gender marker of a minor’s birth certificate. 
No biggie. If you still think you're trans when you turn 21, get your certificate changed then
Another, H.B. 631, is a carbon copy of Florida’s infamous “Don’t Say Gay” legislation that resulted in schools eliminating pride flags, LGBTQ teachers being told to hide pictures of their partners
That bill had nothing to do with not saying gay. It was about removing sexual perversions from the classroom. It was about stopping trans teachers talking to impressionable young people about their activities in the bedroom

I don't know when it was, but at some point, gay rights changed into the right to have the wierdest perversions you can think of, and parade them as publicly as possible

I wonder what geniune gay people think of that. I'm sure it's not where they wanted things to go
 and LGBTQ students being outed to their parents. 
Outed? if a young child decides they are a different gender and want all the things that go with that, their parents damn well have a right to know. Parents are supposed to be the people who prevent impressionable young people from making horrible mistakes

Treachers are too, but they long ago became the people who enable and encourage these mistakes (many of them)
Finally, H.B. 23 would implement yet another ban on trans kids playing in sports despite one being passed and signed into law in 2021.
Again, no. It's a ban on male kids playing in famale categories.
One thing is clear from the bills pre-filed for next session: Texas is at war with its LGBTQ citizens
That isn't what's clear to me. I would say Texas is at war with mentally ill perverts who want to co-opt the next generation into their perversions. Genuine Gay and Trans people who just want to get on with their lives the same as others, will not even be affected by any of this
The urgency to pass these kinds of bills has only been exacerbated by far-right 
Not far right, just normal people
online influencers who seek to eliminate LGBTQ people from public life.
Who seek to protect vulnerable children from indoctrination by a cult
If there was ever any hope that the midterm results would cause a hesitation to push anti-LGBTQ bills, that hope is gone now.
Hopefully if will spread around the western world. We surely need it