Reasons to persecute the motorist

More children hurt on Lancashire's roads

When I read this headline I was reminded of Councillor Ashton.

Last year I blogged here and here about plans to introduce 20mph speed limits across all Lancashires residential roads.

The justification for this expensive nonsense came from Councillor Ashton when he talked about the 'thousands of people killed or injured on Lancashires roads'. I had a quick look at the figures from LCCs own website and the truth was very much different to the lie.

702 people had been killed or injured in the precious year and the figure was on a steady decline. I pointed this out to all I could think of including the Lancashire Telegraph who reported the story but it all fell on deaf ears.

Well Mr Ashton must still want his 20mph limits because another story justifying the same has appeared in the same excuse for a newspaper:

THE number of children injured on Lancashire’s roads increased last year, it has been revealed.

Official figures show the number of children injured on the roads went up by 6.4per cent, despite a string of initiatives.

6.4% of what? I'm not going to bother researching the answer this time. You will see why soon enough.
If accidents are on the increase it seems obvious that the 'string of initiatives' has not worked. I'm sure their answer to this will be another string of initiatives.

We have seen that the number of children injured went up by 6.4%. What about the number killed?

Are you ready for this?

However, the number of children killed on the roads dropped from




Jeesus H Christ on a pony! TWO children were killed on the roads in the whole of Lancashire in an entire year.

Surely something must be done?

Bosses said they were ‘absolutely determined’ to reduce the number, with more 20mph zones key to their plans.

There's still something missing here. I think the phrase goes, "If it saves just one life......."

County Coun Tim Ashton said: “If we can save just one child’s life, it will have been money well spent.”

Ahh... There it is.

You remember smug, 'I've just had a happy wank', Councilor Ashton from my previous posts on the subject? He wants to spend our money enforcing 20mph speed limits across Lancashire to reduce the number of child deaths from the dizzy heights of two.

The Lancashire Telegraph’s Wasted Lives campaign aims to change the law to reduce the number of young people killed on the roads.

And while successive governments have backed away from the proposals, which include a graduated licences scheme, are widely backed by experts, a hard-hitting educational scheme is having a positive effect on youngsters’ attitudes.

And the Telegraph, not happy with just reporting the news take the opportunity to big up their holier than thou plan to make driving even more difficult for young people, regardless of their attitude to safe motoring.

You may expect the sheep in comments to love this idea. Not this time:
happycyclist, Darwen says...
11:48am Wed 1 Jun 11
The number of young kids I've seen running and cycling straight out into the road without looking in Darwen recently is unbelievable. Does nobody teach them road safety anymore?

Very true, and most of the other commenters agree with the Happy Cyclist.


jack daniels, off work, and still drinking responsibly. says...
4:50pm Wed 1 Jun 11

What you fail to mention is the moronic drivers out there who don't slow down for pedestrians, don't stop at crossings, and don't even bother to look before turning into a junction. Good driving reduces the risk of an accident and there are not that many careful drivers around these days.

Check out that guys name. I bet he hates smokers too.

I don't mean to belittle the deaths of two children with this post, however I beleive the response to a problem needs to be proportionate. This proposed response is certainly not that.


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