The sheep finally stop bleating and storm the pens.

I wrote here and here that the longer the sheep bleat for more restrictions, the more likely that the government will decide to restrict something they do or they enjoy and call them criminals.

I asked what they would do in that situation; if they would bend over and say, "The law is the law", or if they would speak out.

Well the answer is here. Lancashire County Council have taken one step too far and the sheep are not happy.

20mph limits for all Lancashire residential roads

24 comments have made it past the censor, they are all very vocal against the scheme. The sweary ones have all been deleted.

SPEEDS limits of 20mph are set to be a reality for all residential areas across the Lancashire County Council area in just two years, it has been revealed.
The county’s highways boss said the £9million scheme would save lives and could be policed by residents.
No evidence supplied as to how lives will be saved, as per usual. 9 million pounds to be wasted on the scheme, and worse of all, it could be policed by residents.

County Councillor Tim Ashton said he wanted speeding in built-up areas to be ‘as taboo as drink driving’ in a bid to halt the thousands of people killed or injured on the region’s roads every year.
Coun Ashton said: “It is quite radical but we need to do something drastic to reduce the number of deaths on our roads.
Thousands of people killed or injured on the regions roads? That is a blatant lie. The number of people killed or seriously injured on Lancashires roads in 2009 was 702. That's hardly thousands is it. I doubt they were all caused by excessive speed.
“I think there will be a huge amount of support for what we are doing but if there are critics I will take them head-on.

If you want to gauge the support for this rubbish, look in the comments. And you will take critics head on? What no debate? No listening to the arguments of the other side? Obviously not, as shown here:

“I have heard the arguments but speeding in residential areas is totally unacceptable. By dropping the speed limit we will certainly save lives.”
The project will be implemented in 2013.

Resistance is futile. The project will be implemented. You cannot argue because it is for the kiddies, the holy grail of legislation.
Ans this isn't going to save any lives. People who speed dangerously will continue to do so. Lawbreakers do not care what the law is. The only people who will suffer are the sensible drivers.

New signage will be put in place, along with a publicity campaign and a public consultation.

At vast expense as we have been shown, plus, we all know how public consultations go. Council makes a proposal. Everyone who is actually consulted objects. Council declares overwhelming support.

‘Community road watch’ volunteers will also be sought to use speed guns, with those caught-out receiving a letter from the community warning them about their speed.

Here's where the nosy busy bodies and curtain twitchers win their money back. Anyone who actually wants to be a "Community Roadwatch Volunteer", should automatically be barred from the scheme as they are the wrong kind of person.

I won't tell you what I would do with a letter from the community. I'm sure you can imagine.

The scheme will covers the Lancashire County Council area which includes Burnley, Chorley, Fylde, Hyndburn, Lancaster, Pendle, Preston, Ribble Valley, Rossendale, South Ribble, West Lancashire and Wyre.
In Blackburn and Darwen, there are no imminent plans to follow suit.

Blackburn and Darwen, although in Lancashire, do not come under the LCC. That means I can't write to my MP and complain about this nonsense. I'm sure it won't be long before we are playing catch up though. We also need to be seen to be doing something.

However, the area's Director of Public Health Dominic Harrison is calling for a debate about the introduction of 20mph speed limits in residential areas.
Dominic Harrison said: “Unless we have a borough-wide 20mph limit in all residential areas that is observed and enforced by the whole community, this avoidable death and injury toll will continue.”

Oh. There it is.

So to sum up: 9 million quid down the fucking tube.

Happy austerity everyone.


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