Smartphones - They'll either kill you or make you rich

It seems some people are becoming slaves to their jobs and their smartphones

Nation of screen slaves: Workers under increased mental pressure as they take their work home on smartphones
Workers are putting their mental and physical health at risk by continuing to work after they leave the office, a new report has warned.
A study by the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy showed that people are doing more than two extra hours' work every day while commuting and after arriving home.
The so-called "screen slaving" is blamed on work pressures, although some people said working at home in the evening helps to ease their stress levels.
Some people are just dedicated. I don't know why. Once they have achieved success, all the minions will be crying for them to be taxed to the hilt to pay for all the stuff they want but didn't earn themselvs.
Hundreds of physiotherapists will visit offices across the country today to encourage workers to be more physically active.
Could those be taxpayer funded physiotherapists by any chance; leeches who have found a new cause that needs funding?

You're not really obliged to carry on working once your contracted hours are up. If you don't want to be answering emails on your phone in the evening you could always:

1) Switch the damn thing off

2) Take some advice from the authors of the report and talk it out with your boss
'Talk with your employer if you are feeling under pressure.'
3) Collect £18,000 (Yep. That's right)

£18,000 payout for hospital boss bombarded with work emails while on maternity leave

Michelle Stone, general manager of Winfield Hospital in Gloucestershire, was still in her hospital bed taking painkillers after undergoing the operation when she began receiving emails demanding her views on a complicated restructuring programme.
I have to ask, who has a works mobile phone with them in hospital when they have just given birth?

She had the three options above. Switch off, talk, cash in. She chose to cash in.
Michelle Stone, who worked for a private health care chain, was still in hospital taking strong painkillers after undergoing a caesarean when she began receiving ‘insensitive’ messages from the woman covering for her.
One was a demand for help only two days after she gave birth.

And when Mrs Stone told her managers she wanted to take her full year’s entitlement of maternity leave, the tribunal heard one of her superiors went ‘ballistic’ and the married mother was branded unprofessional.
And for this she got 18 grand
The tribunal panel found that the 43-year-old hospital manager had suffered discrimination and awarded her £18,000 in compensation.
And if you think it's unreasonable to want a year off work to have a baby at somebody elses expense, then according to the comments, you must never have had children of your own.
Very stupid comments from people who obviously dont have children.."don't understand needing a year off to look after a baby"??? Really?? Go have a baby and come back to us all...

- Nic, Paris France, 19/6/2012 10:03

I don't think I'll be taking you up on that one thanks.

So remember boys and girls, don't let your smartphone stress you out, cash in on it and live the high life.


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