You almost got me with your vagina

Being a believer in personal choice I love a good anti-abortion niggle. This one appeared to be one of the better ones:
It all started last week when the Michigan house was debating sweeping Republican proposals to restrict abortion rights, that would close down many abortion providers and outlaw all terminations past 20 weeks.

Brown pointed out that her Jewish faith actually permitted abortion at any stage during a pregnancy if the woman's life was in danger. And she went on: "I'm flattered, Mr Speaker, that you're all so interested in my vagina, but no means no."

The Republicans went into a tailspin, declaring that Brown had "violated the decorum" of the house, and describing her words as "vulgar" and "unnecessarily provocative". One representative went even further, insisting the word vagina was so offensive he wouldn't dream of using it in front of women or "mixed company".
Heh! It seems that through the use of that one word she has become something of a minor celebrity. It's certainly generated a lot of publicity and support for her cause.

I was almost ready to declare myself a fan when I read a short paragraph detailing some of the other proposals in the bill that she is trying to block:
It is not just abortion: there have been moves to stop state funded health insurance from covering birth control pills, lifting bans on "abstinence only" sex education lessons in schools, and taking state funds away from the sexual and reproductive health provider, Planned Parenthood.
Erm. Actually I am in favour of all those things. You were so close too.


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