Throw the bloody key at him. And his idiot mother.

'He's very loving and caring'

A mothers defence of this freak who threw a brick through a van window and caved in a babys face.

For reasons that only he can understand, he threw a brick through a van window, which then hit the girl in the picture, knocking her out and smashing two of her teeth. For that he was sent to a young offenders institute for one year.

But according to his mother he's a little angel.

But following his sentencing hearing at Grimsby Youth Court, Richardson's mum Louise, 33, said her son was not the thug he had been portrayed to be.

'My son is not an animal.'

She added: 'It was an act of criminal damage gone wrong'

Oh? Well that just fine then, isn't it. I bet Pavlovs Cat would have a few words to say about that.
'He's a very good lad - he's very loving and caring.

Indeed? Because that's what very good lads get up to these days. They throw bricks through vehicle windows, with no regard for safety or other peoples property. They do it just for kicks and their vile, imbecile mothers stand up for them.

'I understand it has been very stressful for the other family but it has been very stressful for us as well.

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And speaking before the hearing, Kallan told of his 'sleepless nights' since the incident last April.

He said outside court: 'I never knew there was a kid in there. I would never have done it. You would have to be some sort of sick-head.

'I am remorseful. I have got a two-year-old brother. I have had sleepless nights and was physically sick when I found out what happened.

Well at least the judge must have bought that rubbish if he only gave you a year inside.

Not an animal


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