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Ministry of Sound fears it may have to close its London club if council agrees to two tower blocks on its doorstep

Of course. If someone builds a tower block on the doorstep, how will the customers get through the door?

A nightclub claims it will be bombarded by complaints about noise and might have to close if a local council gives the go-ahead for two tower blocks just yards from its front door.

Oh I get it. And they're probably right. People do tend to move close to sources of noise and then start wailing like little girls because their peace is being disturbed.

You would have to be bloody dumb to move right next to a super club and complain about the noise levels though wouldn't you. Wouldn't you? Yes you would, but unfortunately half the population are just dumb enough to do just that.

The 20-year-old Ministry of Sound, which has never had private housing within ear shot, said it will sue Labour-run Southwark Council if the new builds mean it is forced to close.

The council is due to consider granting permission for firm Neobrand to build its 22 storey building containing 38 flats next week.

A few weeks after that it will consider whether to approve a 41-storey building made up of 255 flats opposite the club in Elephant and Castle, south London.

Oh yeah? Then I suggest a solution. A clause. If you move into one of these flats, you can't complain about the noise coming from the club.

Do you think that would work, or would the delicate sensitivities of the new tenants take precedence over a club that has been there for years?

These days I just don't know anymore...


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