This time it's the NSPCC

NSPCC says child sex abuse has risen to 64 crimes a day

Not so. The lie is apparent in the very first paragraph.

More than 23,000 offences - including rape, incest and gross indecency - were recorded by police in 2009-10, an 8% increase on 2008-9, the charity said.

Police don't record crimes, police record reports of crimes. They investigate, some go to court and some result in a convivtion. The NSPCC are not reporting convictions or even court admissions, only reports of crime.

Inspector Gadget says that as many as eight out of ten reports of rape are nonesense. That post has since been taken down. Maybe the Met are cracking down on people who reveal the fallacy of rape statistics.

For the first time, its research also looked at the age of abusers and found a quarter were aged under 18. One in four victims was aged 11 or under.

I'm assuming some of these abusers under the age of eighteen are boys that have been involved in consetual underage sex. Sex for under sixteens, consentual or not is reported as statutory rape, so must be included in the NSPCCs figures of child abuse.

The figures for recorded sex crimes against children were obtained through a successful NSPCC freedom of information request to all 43 police forces in England and Wales.
The figures showed that more than half of the victims were aged between 12 and 15, one in four was aged five to 11, and more than 1,000 were aged four or younger.

I would like to see the full results of this FOI request rather than just the total figures for recorded instances reported by the NSPCC.

The number of people on the sex offenders register in 2006 was was 29,973, an increase of four percent on the previous year. I couldn't find stats for this year but assuming the 4% rise continued, that would make about 33,716 registered sex offenders today.

Assuming everyone who commits a sex offence is put on the register (men only of course, not women), then the bulk of sex offences, looking at the NSPCC stats are against children.

I can't offer you a comprehensive break down of child / adult figures (which is where I was going) because when I did a Google search for sex offences against adults, all I got back was offences against children.

Jon Brown, who heads the NSPCC's work on child sex abuse, said the increase was a "real concern".
"Thousands of people come forward every year to report sex crimes against children. But many victims are too young to ask for help. Others are too scared to tell anyone about their suffering until years later," he said.

"More than 2,000 suspects in these cases were under 18. It's clear we need more services that address the harmful sexual behaviour of young people, as well as adult offenders."

And there it is. More services. In order to beg for more funding to keep the fake charity gravy train rolling, they are reporting misleading figures to create another 'sex predator' scare.

The Association of Chief Police Officers (Acpo) warned that recorded crime figures were "not a good indicator of the prevalence or trends of child sexual abuse" as much abuse went unreported and rises could be attributable to victims of historic abuse coming forward.

He's right, they are not a good indicator, but he's right for the wrong reasons.

'Reported crime figures will include all the reports that were subsequently discovered to be false - false - false - false - false - false.
It will also include consentual underage sex where no abuse has taken place.

A Home Office spokesman said the government would continue to work with groups like the NSPCC to protect the most vulnerable people in our society.

Why is is that every bleeding heart story in the MSM contains the line, "The most vulnerable people in our society"? One day it's the kiddies, the next day it's the elderly, disabled, gay or ginger.

It pointed to the roll-out of the child sex offender disclosure scheme across police forces in England and Wales earlier this year.
This allows parents to check whether someone in contact with their child is a convicted sex offender.
The Home Office said this was a "major step forward in our ability to protect children from sex offenders".

It's also a majoy step forward in the ability of vigilantes to dispense sumarary 'justice'. Fortunately the scheme only discloses convicted offenders. I wonder how long it will be before some new 'atrocity' in the news will prompt this to be extended to include those who have merely been accused?

So here we have it. If the kiddies are not living in severe poverty, they are being sexually abused by all and sundry.

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