And we all know why this is...

Black people in Lancashire more than twice as likely to experience forceful policing as white people
It's because bllack people are more likely to resist arrest and require restraint, right?
The Race Equality Foundation said the data exposes "systemic racism and bias in policing that demands immediate action", and called for scrutiny of racial profiling and unfair police practices.
Not if you're the Race Grifting Foundation. So what is this data that 'suggests' Lancashire coppers are a bunch of raving racist knobs?
Home Office figures show Lancashire Constabulary used forceful tactics, including restraint, using a conducted energy device, such as a Taser, or other equipment 495 times against black people and 22,235 times against white people in the year to March.
Doesn't seem that bad to me?
Census figures from 2021 estimate 10,096 black people and 1,325,538 white people live in the Lancashire area.
It means police used a forceful approach approximately 49 times per 1,000 black people, compared to just 17 per 1,000 white people, suggesting black people were 2.9 times more likely to experience such tactics.
But why? Were black people 2.9 times more likely to kick off with the coppers than white people? Have the Race Grifters Foundation managed to find any instances of use of force, that were not proportionate and justified? If so, they make no mention of it. If all the uses were justified, then the only conclusion can be that more black crims deserved it than white ones

And I would dispute those figures. By encompassing the whole of Lancashire, you include vast rural areas that contain little or no black people, thereby inflating the number of white people. While most of the 10k black people live in the centre of Blackburn and Burnley

The figures should actually be, the number of people who had force used against them, out of the number of people who were arrested, not the number of people in the entire county, criminal or law abiding alike. This is just blatant fiddling
The National Police Chiefs Council said it remains committed to the Police Race Action Plan, which aims to build "an inclusive, anti-racist organisation" and address black people's negative policing experiences.
The more this nonsense is tolerated and responded to with meaningless appeasing gibberish, the worst it will get. That statement really should have read:
The national police Chiefs Council collectively rolled it's eyes and said, "Oh do fuck off".
If only
Jabeer Butt, chief executive of the Race Equality Foundation, said the higher prevalence of forceful policing against black people is "incredibly troubling".
It is incredibly troubling. Why are black criminals so much more violent that their white counterparts?
We have to scrutinise why black people face higher rates of police encounters and use of force.
And I suppose that requires taxpayer funding? But the rest of us all know the answer, no funding required

Stop resisting arrest. Or even better, stop comitting the damn crimes in the first place

Broken Record

Anyone who uses Windows 10 will know about the little weather notification on the bottom right corner. Throughout this 'summer', I've noticed the little icon very often says, 'Near Record', almost on a daily basis

I'm tapping away this morning and notice it says this again

Well one thing is certian today. It's bloody freezing. I mean freezing your bollocks off, freezing

I've always ignored the 'Near Record' icon, as I've always believed it's just another little nudge towards getting us to believe in Global Boiling. It's bollocks anyway. Near record only means that the temperature has been higher in the past

Considering I've almost froze me knackers off going outside twice this morning, I wondered if today it actually means near record low temperature, so I clicked through, for lack of anything more interesting to do

Todays temperature is

Trust me, it feels a lot colder
Fortunately, Microsoft has a little tool where you can fact check their 'Record' assertions yourself

So todays temperature is exactly in the centre of the high and low average, three degrees either way. Exactly in the centre. Todays temperature couldn't be, more average. And it's eight degrees lower than the record high and 11 degrees hotter than the record low

And do you notice how the record low was recorded twenty years after the record high? I thought temperatures were supposed to be going up?

Anyway, I think the little icon thingy knows I'm on to it. It's just changed

Another seven degrees and it might be a pleasant day

We really need a statute of limitations...

 ...on crap like this*
A former Penthouse magazine model sued Guns N’ Roses singer Axl Rose on Wednesday, claiming he raped her in a 1989 attack at a New York hotel that left her with anxiety and depression and harmed her career...
34 Years ago

Thirty Four years ago!

No forensic evidence, no reliable witnesses, nothing more than he said, she said
There's no possibility of a fair tial here. Everyone involved in this action probably understands that and is just hoping for an out of court wedge of cash to make it go away

Hopefully this former stripper, down on her luck and chancing it, will be told where to take a running jump from

Of course it's always possible that these allegations are true, but after so long, there's no way of proving it and it's unlikely anyway. If they were true, she would have come forward a lot sooner
We need a statue of limitations on allegations of sexual assault, if only to put to bed frivolous claims against famous people who might just stump up rather than accept the hassle of defending it

If it were up to me, I would make the time limit something in the region of 24 hours

He's seen better days:

*The article is behind a paywall, which is why I only quoted the bit I could read

One Monkey

May I refer this man to my previous post
Just Stop Oil sentences slammed as 'severe' in damning letter from UN chief
Is anyone else wondering what purpose the UN still serves? And how more woke they can possibly get?
The United Nations has condemned jail sentences handed to two Just Stop Oil protesters as "severe" in a letter to the Government.

Two activists who caused traffic gridlock at Dartford Crossing when they scaled the bridge and unfurled a banner must serve a total of five years after judges ruled their stunt had caused a public nuisance.

Morgan Trowland, 40, was sentenced to three years behind bars, and fellow activist Marcus Decker, 34, was sentenced to two after they used wires to climb the Queen Elizabeth II Bridge in October 2022.
I remember thinking at the time, 'At least they got sent down'. The justice system seems to pussy foot around these idiot climate protestors. It's rare enough for the coppers to actually nick them and bring them before the courts. As we saw in my last post, it's equally as rare for the courts to impose any kind of meaningful punishment

So I suppose in the history of dealing with disruptive climate muppets, these sentances actually were severe

That's not to say it's a bad thing though, more of a much needed breath of freash air
The official has warned the lengthy sentences could severely impact people's protected rights of freedom of expression and assembly
Climbing on a bridge, gluing yourself to the road, walking in front of traffic, causing criminal damage and climbing on trains is neither expression nor assembly. The rights of people to get to work on time or go about their general business on public roads far outweighs the rights of these deluded bellends to stop them

For a UN official to describe the disruption of society as expression and assembly, tells me all I need to know about him
Ian Fry, the UN Special Rapporteur on the promotion and protection of human rights in the context of climate change, sent the Government a letter in August outlining his fears stemming from the sentences.
That they have such a position (my emphasis) tells me all I need to know about the modern UN
In the letter, seen by the BBC, Mr Fry states the sentences handed to the activists were "significantly more severe than previous sentences imposed for this type of offending".
Yes, that's the point. The previous sentances, when imposed, did nothing to prevent belmtards scaling bridges. Tougher sentances were needed
Sentencing Judge Collery KC said he wanted to deter copycat actions, stating: “You have to be punished for the chaos you caused and to deter others from copying you.”

The judge ruled that the 40-hour closure the pair had caused affected “many tens of thousands" of people, some "very significantly”.
But Mr Fry received little by way of a reply from ministers after raising his concerns.
He told the BBC he is used to having his letter taken seriously and that recipients generally respond, but despite requesting a reply within 60 days from the UK Government, he has yet to receive one.
Heh! Oh dear. The big important man is not being taken seriously? Maybe he should try a more direct action, like lying in front of a bus

12 Monkeys


From Sky News via my MSM feed
Nine climate activists have been cleared by a jury of causing £500,000 worth of criminal damage for shattering windows at HSBC bank's headquarters in London.
I was a little surprised to read that, to say the least. I remember when this happened and those climate idiots made no attempt to hide what they were doing or who they were, so it doesn't seem possible that any jury in their right mind would find them not guilty
Not guilty. It was like that when I got here
The Extinction Rebellion campaigners admitted using hammers and chisels to break windows at HSBC in Canary Wharf in the morning of 22 April 2021, but denied this was criminal conduct.
So admitting using tools to break windows (that were not their own), is a guilty plea. No two ways about it. Claiming it's not criminal conduct, challenging the charges in effect, must be what got them a jury trial I suppose, but still, how can breaking someone elses windows not be criminal conduct?
According to the group, the jury made several requests for further information during the course of the trial, including for an explanation of the Paris Climate Agreement...
The Paris climate agreement has nothing to do with the trial. The Paris climate agreement does not give thugs the right to break windows if they disagree with the policies of a business
...information on what the British government had done to address the climate crisis...
Also irrelevant. The 'climate crisis' and the Governments handling of it, does not excuse these actions under the law. Breaking windows is not protest, it's criminal damage
...and an explanation as to how HSBC was able to come up with the estimated cost of the damage to the windows - just over half a million pounds - within hours of the action
And this one really grips my shit. Is it now legal to damage someone elses property, as long as they are rich enough to be able to replace it quickly?
The jury returned a not guilty verdict after two hours of deliberation.
That jury has just made a mockery of the trial by jury system
These eco nutters believe their actions were justified, because they disagree with what HSBC does. The result of this trial means I can now go round and smash these eco loons windows, because I disagree with what they do. And I have to be found not guilty, right?
Pull the other one. They would throw the key at me

Storm Bucko

I remember a joke about some chap ringing the Met office and asking how much it would cost to have a hurricane named after his mother in law

It's always been a thing that storms and such, are named after people, but to me, there seems to be a lot more of them about. The news always seems to be awash with stories of the latest storm that is going to batter this and swamp that. I left home for work this morning and it was chucking it down. Storm Debby or Dora or something

To me though, it just seemed like normal winter weather. No batterings or swampings, just cold, windy and bloody wet

Maybe it's my memory that's at fault. Help me out here

It seems to me we're having the same bad weather we've always had, but the media is classing a lot more normal weather cycles as storms
It could be we've always had this many storms, nothing has changed and my memory is starting to fail me
It could also be that we're having a lot more storms due to climate change and we need to get rid of our cars, boilers and cookers. Just kidding, you know I don't believe that one

Owing to the fact that I'm only pushing 48, I would be more inclined to blame the media for inventing storms when it's really just normal bad weather, than I would be to blame my memory of the weather in years past

I don't know know though. The amount of times I forget why I'm upstairs...