The man from HMRC, he say.......

You may remember last month I decided to pick a fight with HMRC.

It was all Macheaths fault for pointing out here that some silly benefit scrounging bint had just spent five grand of our money on a new pair of tits.

I popped off a letter to the revenue telling them I wasn't willing to pay for this nonsense any longer, and demanding they change my tax code to a figure which would reduce my income tax to just 19 percent of what I am currently paying. See the post linked above for my reasons.

Well they have just replied, and you know what? They agreed to all my demands.

Just kidding. Here's the reply:

Dear Mr Moose

Ref: etc

Thank you for your recent letter received at this office on the 14 Oct 2010 and I apologise for the delay in reply.

I have noted the comments in your letter and would advise you that the HMRC remit is to ensure that the correct amount of tax due is collected from all UK taxpayers under current legislation.

Please be advised that under the current legislation the reasons requested for reduction of your tax payable by you are not applicable and no further relief or allowances are available to you at this time.

I have reviewed your tax affairs and the current code number in operation is correct and the tax being deducted is correct and is due and payable.

Your sincerely
Graham Carlin
Assistant officer
 Well there you have it. A very, very polite, Please fuck off.

I haven't come up with a suitable response yet. I'll keep you posted.


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