Your pissed up memories to treasure forever.

East Lancs revellers to be shown bad behaviour the morning after

DRUNKEN yobs booked by police during the build up to Christmas will be forced to watch footage of their shocking behaviour after they have sobered up.
Police Officers across Burnley, Pendle and Rossendale will be using body cameras and hand held video recorders to film the antics of revellers on Friday and Saturday nights.
Note. The Reporter has just referred to the drunken yobs as, well, "Drunken Yobs". Spot the description the police use further down. Can you guess what it will be?
Great. So because some people get drunk, the police will be out filming everybody. Not only are we all being spied on by CCTV, now the cops will be pointing hand held cameras at us. Chances are I'll be out in town sometimes over Christmas. I've not given up the pubs altogether. I'm tempted to do a bit of filming of my own.

Party goers behaving badly will be shown the shocking reality of their behaviour when they are either released from police custody, or when they are visited by officers the next day.
Most of them will probably want a copy of the tape to show their friends.

I've got a revolutionary new policing idea. If someone breaks the law, punish them. If they don't, leave them alone. Or is that just to complicated.

Chief Inspector Jon Bullas, who is leading the operation, said: “We often see an increase in levels of crime and disorder in the weeks leading up to Christmas, particularly in relation to incidents arising from drinking too much.
Well duh! I hope you're being well compensated for your talents.

“Showing people the footage of their drunken behaviour the following day should act as a harsh wake up call and make them think twice about drinking too much in the future.
You're right it will. Just as much as plain fag packets will stop people smoking or pictures of big fat arses on happy meals will stop people putting on weight.

You know what would really make them think twice? Cells + court = OMG!

“This isn’t about filming people’s every move. It is about recording the actions of the most vulnerable party goers and highlighting the risks they are putting themselves at, by showing them the footage the following day.
“I urge people to seriously consider how much they are drinking and what risks they may be taking both in terms of their personal safety and health."
Did you spot it?

Personal safety and health is not the remit of the police, however I think that entire passage was just a very PC way of saying drunks kicking ten bells out of each other.

This might all be a clever rouse to increase the ratings on Cops With Cameras.


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