Progressive? Why?

What is the fascination with the word, Progressive, in modern politics?

It's a simple word. Surely all it means is making progress. Moving forward. Trouble is, more often than not, progress is not required.

One of the most basic human needs is shelter. Long ago we learned how to build four walls holding up a roof. This provides basic shelter. The problem was, how to get in and out, until some brainbox invented the door.

The door is a simple tool that does the job. You can go both in and out. Its brilliant.

But then the progressives came along. They invented the revolving door, followed closely by the automatic doors. Now we have doors that unnecessarily use energy when all the old doors took was a gentle push to open them. So far, no one has invented a limitless source of energy but we are inventing limitless ways to use it.

You see where I'm going with this?

Just like energy, we don't have a limitless supply of cash yet we invent ever more ways to waste it.

Remember when the NHS first came out? The original idea was that with access to free healthcare, the population would steadily get healthier and the need for an NHS would diminish over time.
Now it's just ballooning out of control. Why? Progression. We started by treating people who were ill. Now we give sex changes and on the NHS. Parents take their kids to the emergency room every time they bump their heads. Pissheads call an ambulance if their pissed up mate passes out.

What about the welfare system? As a civilised society we agreed that if someone finds themselves out of work and unable to support their family, through no fault of their own, they should get help from the state. A small allowance to tide them over until they found employment.
Now we pay people to be alcoholics. We pay mothers who just don't want to work. We pay chavs and wasters who would rather stay at home getting pissed and having kids than go out to work.
We even pay people who want to settle here from abroad, don't want to work and have never even paid into the system.

What about abroad. Again, as a civilised nation we are concerned for the welbeing of our neighbours around the globe. Disasters happen with regular monotony and we are always ready to donate assistance and more often, money when a country is overwhelmed by an incident and people are suffering as a result.
Now? We send millions of pounds to countries that (believe they) can afford a space program and a nuclear weapons program, running into billions.

All this progression has taken it's toll. We're broke. But we haven't learned a thing. All our new policies have to be progressive. We don't need to progress any further. We have progressed quite far enough thank you.
It's time to...

... STOP.


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