Once again, I wrestle with my beleifs

I've just read at OH's blog that the police are not going to face and charges over the death of protester Ian Tomlinson.

A member of the public has been killed in the hands of the police and no one is to face charges. Normally that would have me shouting from the rooftops, but on this occasion I just can't seem to muster the enthusiasm.

Particularly after Ranty just had the discussion on weather we are in a police state and I commented on my distinct mistrust and dislike of British police. I feel I should be joining those condemning this decision and calling for coppers heads on the blocks.

The fact is there is a group of people who I hate even more than the police. Those are anti capitalist demonstrators.

These people went to London to campaign against something that I strongly believe in. The free market economy, and Ian Tomlinson was part of that demonstration. If you take a look at the video

it shows someone acting like a cunt. He certainly was behaving in a peaceful manner, but it was obvious to all that the coppers were clearing an area and he was making a conscious effort to get in the way. First he's ambling along in front of them, then when he's on the deck he's sat there remonstrating as two people both try in vain to get him up. Then he gets up of his own accord and walks off.

The push from the copper was a bit harsh but didn't amount to brutality. It was a get the fuck out of the way push; the same as I've done with many an awkward customer in the pubs I've worked in over the years. The questionable conclusion that he died as a result of that push was simply unfortunate.

If he hadn't been there campaigning to take away my rights, I may have some sympathy for him.

The irony is, an many ways he was campaigning for the kind of treatment he received to happen to all of us. He was an anti capitalist. Take away capitalism and what do you get? Some form of socialism or communism (leaving aside religious rule etc). Any socialist / communist society in history has been backed up by a police state. The communist ethos simply cannot survive without being enforced by a state controlled army of thugs.

This country is already semi socialist in the wake of new Labour and we can all see a police state emerging.
If true socialism or communism were to happen tomorrow, I would say I'm sorry but I want nothing to do with this system, I want to keep the fruits of my own labour. I'm sure most of the bloggers on the right of this page would do the same. When that happened, more and more people would join in until the system collapsed. That is why the government would need the police to get out their batons and force us to comply.

In a sense, Ian Tomlinson got a little taste of what it was he was campaigning for.

I believe in the right to protest. I believe others should not take away my rights. These two beliefs are often incompatible. For example, if a group of libertarians go to London and protest, you can bet they are trying to win back some of the rights we have lost. They may want the smoking or hunting bans repealed or they may want to own guns. The only possible way a libertarian can affect my life is by giving me more choice. Even if I am strongly opposed to guns, if they protest for the right to own them and win, I don't have to buy one if I don't want to.

In contrast, when an anti capitalist goes to London to protest, they are demanding the right to take away my choice. I cannot support that.

How can I say I believe in the right to protest if someone protests for a complete ban on something I enjoy doing legally and with no harm to others?

The anti capitalists at this particular demo were fighting against a system that provides for all of us. I bet they didn't sell their LCD tellys, microwaves and cars before they went. One of the biggest issues at this demo was the banks. They even smashed a couple up to show their dislike. I bet they didn't pay off their mortgages and car finance, and close their accounts before they turned up (the ones with jobs anyway).

When the police boarded a train and shot Jean Charles De Menzes I was gutted. Even a little scared at the knowledge that things like that can happen. I'm of the opinion that if a copper shoots the wrong person it should automatically be murder. You should have to be 100% certain before you take a life.

In the case of Ian Tomlinson I can't quite bring myself to feel the sympathy.


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