No fanny fun at the ball

Lesbian receives $35,000 payout over cancelled prom

A lesbian student in the US who was banned from bringing her girlfriend to her high school prom is to receive a $35,000 (£23,000) payout to settle a discrimination lawsuit.

Apparently the school cancelled the entire prom rather than let the lezzy lovers attend. The school have now "agreed to implement a policy that would protect students from discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity."

However, officials said in their settlement offer that they did not believe they had violated Ms McMillen's rights and that a non-discrimination policy was already in place.

Of course they did. They wouldn't let her attend with her lezzy mate, therefore not discriminating against her and they cancelled the entire prom, not violating anyones rights. Hmmm...

Ms McMillen said that she was hopeful that gay students would be treated fairly in the future, even though she had been harassed so much by students blaming her for the prom's cancellation that she had finished her studies at a different high school.

Typical. The school makes a terrible judgement and cancels the prom, and the students blame her.

BBC Article here

In other gay news, carpet munching beauty Lindsay Lohan is beginning a 90 day jail term for probation violation.

She said she would use her time in the stir, to reflect on mistakes she has made and get lots of dyke sex (probably).