Morons in papers

Or: The Costa Peeing
Woman refused entry to Costa Coffee toilet because she didn’t buy a coffee
It still surprises me how guff like this gets in the news, although this is in The Metro, so maybe it shouldn't
A woman has hit out after being told to buy a coffee at Costa before she could use the toilet.
I thought the concept of 'Customer use only' was common knowledge by now. Some shops will no doubt entertain non-customers taking the piss, but they are under no obligation to. The concept of private property is also lost on some people
A private business will usually ask that you spend a pound or two, before you spend a penny
She popped into Costa en route to PC World, but could not work out if the toilets were locked, until a barista told her the code to enter them is at the bottom of a receipt.

Ms Baverstock told them she would buy a coffee afterwards, adding: ‘He looked at me kind of a little bit blankly and, because I use humour to defend myself, I said what do you expect me to do – hold the coffee while I go to the toilet?’
Sounds a bit dim if you ask me. That's two things she can't figure out, even before she's got her drink
She described herself as a ‘lady of a certain age’ and sometimes gets ‘a little bit cross-legged and desperate’.
What, she's six? 
She said going to the toilet is a ‘basic human right’ and questioned why people abusing their toilets should be a detriment to the majority.

I can't be doing with these people who claim that the entitlement chip on their shoulder is a human right. Here's a test of what is a human right and what isn't:
Does it have to be provided by others? If the answer is yes, it isn't a human right
A Costa spokesperson said the situation was eventually resolved, adding: ‘Costa Coffee believes in creating warm and welcoming environments in our stores, including offering customers access to toilets. 
Operative word there? Customers
So how was it resolved then?
Amanda was able to use the toilet at the nearby Smyths toy store.

Look at the state of the smug cow. If ever there was an entitled madam who thought the rules did not apply to her and went to the papers to get her fifteen minutes of fame while trying to ruin somebodys business, that's what I'd imagine she looks like


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