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So it's Friday. What's racist on Friday? Let's take a look through the crazy window
Hate crime experts to rule whether English countryside harbours ‘rural racism’
I do read some garbage while looking round for things to blog, but rarely is the garbage I read, as garbage as this garbage I've just read. The Telegraph article is behind a paywall

Who are hate crime experts? Well it turns out they are 'academics specialising in British colonialism and hate studies'

I had this discussion with Mrs Bucko only recently, while watching The Chase. One of the contestants had done a masters degree in Irish history and was about to begin a PHD in the same. When asked what her goals were, she said to teach

We talked about how it is a vicious circle of people learning something useless, only to end up teaching it to other people who start the cycle again. These people will never contribute anything of value to the human race

Just like these hate crime experts. The only difference being, they may never contribute anything, but they have the power to ruin things created by others. And what gives them the authority to 'Rule' on this issue? Bugger all

At least the project is not funded by the taxpayer, it's from a grant supplied by a woke element of the company, Unilever
The English countryside will be studied by hate crime experts to establish whether it harbours "rural racism".
That's actually bollocks in more ways than one. The 'experts' have already decided the countryside is racist, they only intend to show how. I'll expand
The study will gather evidence of “rural racism" in villages in England 
Not evidence if, evidence of
it will “explore the lived realities of those encountering racism within the English countryside whose experiences are routinely overlooked, minimised and unchallenged”.
Assumes there are people encountering racism, not looking to establish if there are
this will "play a key role in uncovering the nature, extent and impacts of racism experienced in rural towns and villages across the country”.
Assumes there is racism, not looking to establish if this is the case
Plans for the study come after a 2019 report from Campaign to Protect Rural England, which found that people from ethnic minority backgrounds account for around one per cent of visitors to England’s national parks.
Why does that even matter? And why is it immedately assumed to be down to racism? Maybe a lot of brown folk don't actually want to visit national parks. Maybe they think national parks are as boring as watching the grass grow? And what percentage of black and brown people make up Englands population anyway? 

I would like to know what percentage of ethnic minority attendance would be acceptable to these race grifters
The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs has previously reported that minority groups often view the countryside as an “exclusively English environment” - concerns echoed on the BBC’s Countryfile.
Again, why is this a concern? Just because English people enjoy dressing up in their big boots and rucksacks, then trudging miles off the beaten path, through mud and cow shit, in the pouring rain, doesn't mean everyone has to
Maybe others would prefer to keep dry in a nice warm mosque, or take a walk with their friends to Kentucky Fried Chicken. You can't dictate to people what they should and shouldn't enjoy doing in their spare time

At the end of the day, if someone, anyone, wants to go out and enjoy the countryside, there's nothing stopping them (As long as they pick up their litter and are not careless with cigarettes)

If anyone actually does think there are racist barriers to enjoying the country, they are deluded. And studies and newspaper articles like this do not help with the delusion, they just perpetuate racsist attitudes by making ethic minorities believe they are somethow oppressed, when it's just not true

Whoever you are, got out there in the great outdoors if you want to. Personally, I'd rather stay on the couch and make a cup of tea


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