Unsurprising results

Some racemongers have been doing a survey about racism
Majority of Black Britons discriminated against by doctors and nurses, study finds
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I was quite happy to call bullshit on this one before I started reading it, and it turned out I wasn't wrong
The majority of Black people living in Britain have reported being discriminated against by healthcare professionals because of their race, a landmark study has found.
I think the study actually found that the majority of people asked to comment, self reported that they had been discriminated against
The research was commissioned by the Black Equity Organisation (BEO), the national civil rights organisation launched earlier this year to tackle systemic racism in the UK
A new organisation set up to tackle something that largely does not exist, manages to put together a survey that finds they are totally needed? Pull the other one. I reckon we're looking at another bunch of bandwagon jumping grifters, who want to make some money out of telling black people they are victims of a racist society. There's a lot of it about
Seventy-five per cent of Black people aged between 18 and 34 have experienced prejudice while visiting doctors and hospitals, the national survey found. Meanwhile, 65 per cent of all Black people living in the UK have faced this discrimination.
Strangely enough, most of the article labours on this theme that black people say they are discriminated against, without actually stating what specific descrimination they are facing. It's as though we just have to accept as gospel, that racism is happening

There are two half arsed examples provided:
Participants told researchers they felt their concerns were not listened to or incorporated into their treatment decisions
The last time I visited a doctor, it was because I had an infected elbow which has swolen up quite considerably. My 'concerns', were that I had an infection and I had a big elbow
My doctor incorporated them into her treatment decision by prescribing me antibiotics, telling me when to take them and advising when I should consider returning if my elbow does not shrink to a normal size

I've racked my brains and quite frankly, I do not see how race could ever have entered into that, or into any of the other times I've had contact with health services

It's likely that if I had gone to the docs with the unfeasably large elbow and demanded oxycodone for an ingrowing toenail, my concerns may not have been taken into account, but as Tim Worstall points out in this musing about the feelings of fat people, you don't make the person who is right, be wrong in order to protect the feeling of the person who is wrong

Maybe it's racist to tell a black person they're wrong? I see no other way for race to even be a factor, unless the docs receptionist is telling blacks they can't have a doctors appointment becuase they smell like baboons, but that does not come accross in the reasons given in the article
Black patients in the UK are also subject to more intrusive treatments, such as injectable anti-psychotics, and are less likely to be offered talking therapy for severe mental illness.
I don't know anything about anti-psychotics, but I would imaging doctors prescribe what is best for the patient. Sitting on a shrinks couch may not be the best option for severe mental illness?

There's no other examples provided in the article, it moves on to different areas of life
Fifty-nine per cent said they or someone close to them had experienced stop and search by police or wrongful arrest,
Stop and search is based on playing the odds. In areas where black people cause most of the crime, black people will be stopped and searched most. Maybe activist groups should not be calling racism for that, but should be looking at what they can do to improve the communities and maybe stop black people comitting so much crime?
50 per cent of parents of under-18s said their children did not see themselves represented in either the teaching workforce or curriculum materials
This idea of representaion usually just means they don't see enough people whose skin is the same colour as theirs. I always fail to see why this should be an issue. Black people were demanding equality when it was needed, but now it's not, they're demanding to be taught by people based on the colour of their skin
The study also highlighted differences in optimism and experience within the Black community and found that people in marginalised communities, such as Black LGBT+ people or older generations, were less confident.

For example, only 42 per cent of Black people over 55 and in the LGBT+ group of all ages were confident of their and their family’s future, whereas 70 per cent of Black Africans of all ages said they were confident.
What does that even mean? Can anybody tell me? My confidence in my families future has always been based on the decisions we made for our future. Again, how does race become a thing here?
The study is thought to be the most comprehensive piece of research into Black people’s lived experiences of racism in the UK to be produced in the past 10 years
Well if it really is such a robust study, maybe I'm wrong and need to rethink my pre-conceptions?
The BEO’s study made use of an online survey of adults aged 18-plus in the UK.

The UK national survey of 2,051 Black and mixed Black respondents was conducted between 5 October 2021 and 4 January 2022.
Nope. It's just fishing with race bait. 


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