Random Car Crash

I don't mean a TV interview with some lefty or random tobacco controller, I mean an actual random car crash
On my way to work this morning

It must have just happened, but before I got there, so I don't really know what went down
The two clear lanes you see, the right one is for turning right and the left one is straight on, but wagons often use the left lane to turn right due to the width of the lanes and the angle. The truck is foriegn registered, left hand drive. It's anyones guess as to what happened

Nobody was hurt, so it just took me a bit longer to get to Tesco for my milk and coffee

There was another accident on my way home from work last night. There were five or six cars involved that I could see, but Lancashire Police thought it would be good fun to close the road half way down, so eveyone had to drive down, see what was happening, then turn round and go back
It was off the mororway roundabout and caused utter carnage on the M65 and through town aswell

Coppers are thick as mince sometimes


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