New Day, New Lie

It seems trying financial times are ahead
Interest rate raised to 1% by Bank of England despite issuing warning of recession
I really don't care to be honest. What's going to happen is going to happen and we'll all have to find ways to live with it

What really grips my shit is the bald faced lying about how we got into this situation
In its first forecast since the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the Bank said it now expected...
I'm afraid to say has gotten worse in the last three months since we last produced a report because, obviously, of the impact of the terrible events in Ukraine," he said.
Ukraine, Ukraine, blame it all on Putin

Not one mention of the billions of pounds printed and pissed away on the utterly ludicrous response to Covid. Nothing about the costs of paying people to stay at home for months on end. Nowt about the absolute fortune spent on NHS Test and Trace and other IT follies. Zero on the cost of testing millions of people, day in, day out, for a virus most of them never had

Nothing either, about barmy green energy policies, tying us down to inefficient and expensive sources of renewable energy. Nowt on the green taxes that further increase the cost of said renewables

A nasty little war in Eastern Europe will certainly have its knock on effects, but the shit we're putting up with at home (That's about to get worse), has nothing to do with Putin. It's all on Boris. Boris lead the UK Government through the events of the past couple of years and he spearheaded the unfathomable drive towards climate change hysteria

Which is why he's now blaming everything on the war in Ukraine and grandstanding on the world stage like some pompus tellytubbie with a superiority complex, trying to deflect his obvious failures any which way the wind blows

And the media are quite happy to join in. Is the truth, too much to ask for, from the press?

Yeah I know, naive of me to ask... 


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