Morons in Papers

Parking 'fines' can be a real pain in the arse if you've done nowt wrong, which seems to happen often. Many people believe these charges are not enforceable and often advise people who spout their indignace on Facebook, just to ignore them

That's not true. They are enforceable and if you get one, you should deal with it. Even if it's a bollocks ticket, you should contest it through the proper channels, not ignore it

What you should not do is get a ticket through your own stupidity, ignore it, then go to the local papers when the bailiffs show up

Unless you're a moron
Mum on Universal Credit fined £400 after taking kids on day out
I wonder if there's a correlation between being on benefits and being a moron in the papers. I'm not saying all people on benefits are morons, but all the morons in papers seem to be on benefits
A single mum on Universal Credit said a bailiff worker demanded almost £400 from her without notice after a family day out.
They really should have contacted her beforehand

A spokesperson for East Lindsey District Council said: "Following due process the lady in question was written to four times and no responses were received to those communications. Following this lack of response the matter was passed to the bailiffs who again wrote to the lady twice and no response was received to these letters.
Then why did she ignore the communication? I bet it's because she did nothing wrong and has listened to one of those good folk who claim these things are not enforceable?
Jemma Martin, 31, went to Skegness for an August bank holiday day out with her then-partner and her children, who were four and 18-months-old at the time. Miss Martin and her family arrived at North Parade car park, but were not able to open their car doors properly in the space in order to get her children and a pushchair in and out of the car.

Because there were no parent and child parking spaces, to solve this issue, Miss Martin parked slightly over the white line to create room. The mum-of-two, from Nottingham, was later given a parking ticket.
I'm not sure I understand that. She may not have had space if there were cars parked in both adjacent spaces, but if that was the case, how could she park over the line without getting within inches of one of the other parked cars

Why did she not just turf out the kids and all their accompaniments, then park the car properly?

Did she leave the car parked like a spaz had done it, just because she felt indignant at there not being any parent and child spaces? Or does she often just park like a moron? 

She probably thinks she's special because she has done what any female mammal can do and given birth a couple of times

So she parked over the line, got a ticket and ignored all communication regarding said ticket until the bailiffs turned up on her dooorstep. What's the best way to make the most of this situation?

Go to the papers!


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