Women are rubbish at football

Firstly I'll declare an interest. I'm not interested in football. In fact I'm a little bit openly hostile towards football. I think it stems from being in secondary school when you were expected to play football in PE lessons, but never taught how to do so, as it was always assumed lads already knew

It's also a bit of a thug sport. I've seem plenty of football related violence close up during my time working in the pubs and even so, everyone is aware of the historic history of violence in football that is still a big thing today, unless you've been living in a proverbial cave

You never see Ronnie O'Sullivan fans kicking off with Marc Williams fans outside the Crucible

That said, it's still a bloody popular sport. Possibly the most popular sport in Europe. But only mens football. Womens football has never had close to the same popularity as mens, largely because it isn't very good

This is why we don't have mixed teams. Mixed teams would be a little like socialism; it would bring the overall quality of the sport down to just slightly above the level of the current womens sport, which isn't very good

What makes football 'good'? As with any sport, it's the ability to engage and excite the viewer (Baffles my why football does that, but for many people, it does)

In order to do the above, you have to be very good at the game. That's why very few of the many primary school boys who want to grow up to be footballers, ever succeed. And that's why mens football is better than womens. Men are and have always been, better equipped than women to engage in strenuous sports and to make it big, you've  got to be among the best of the best

This according to the Guardian, is not just a fact of life, but modern day misogyny

Researchers have claimed that more than two-thirds of male football fans harbour hostile, sexist or misogynistic attitudes towards women’s sport.

A study led by Durham University, based on a survey of almost 2,000 male football supporters, detected what it terms “openly misogynistic masculinities”, irrespective of age.

What they actually mean here, is that a lot of men simply don't like womens football, not that they think women should be in the kitchen making a sammich 

The study was set in the context of increased visibility of women’s sport in recent years, most notably since the 2012 London Olympics and the 2015 Women’s World Cup in Canada, where England secured a bronze medal

Increased visibilty of womens sport is one thing. If people want to watch it, it will become more visible. What we have actually seen is an increase in visibility of women moaning that it's not fair'

We've seen people like that purple haired American football woman moaning her arse off that women footballers should get paid the same as men

Sport at the end of the day, is business. People earn money because other people pay to watch. If you're good enough to command decent fees at the gate, you're good enough to earn decent money. If not enough people want to watch you, you won't make the big bucks

There was a female snooker player moaning that it's not fair in recent years. She entered the qualifiers for the world championship and got knocked out by Ken Docherty. He's a relative has been who commentates more than playing these days and he didn't make it past the first round in that tournament

Barry Hearne, the snooker promoter, said that snooker is open to everyone, you just have to be good enough if you want to play in the big tournaments and earn the big money

Men don't get paid more because they are men, it's because they are better. Any woman who is good enough, will make the money

I once saw a crappy snooker match at the York Barbican and was annoyed because the standard of play could been seen at any social club on a Saturday afternoon, yet I'd paid good money to see it. People don't shell out just to watch sport, they pay to watch good sport, the better, the more they will pay

I don't think men feel 'threatened' by womens sport and want it stopped, they feel annoyed by women moaning that they don't get the pay and recognition that the men do. Snooker is a great example as it's a single person sport. Anyone can play, but only the really good ones make the money, male or female. It just happens that men are better players

“Our research showed that attitudes towards women in sport are, to some extent, changing, with more progressive attitudes. However, the findings are also reflective of a patriarchal society in which misogyny is rife. There were numerous examples of men from across all generations exhibiting highly sexist and misogynistic attitudes.”

I'm pretty sure that if female players accepted that they get paid for their output and stopped demanding special treatment, men would not have a problem with them. They still wouldn't watch them, but they wouldn't have a problem 

Feminism used to be about equality. Modern feminism is about giving women an advantage over men and calling men names when they speak out about it

It must be doing more harm to women than good, in my opinion

It's a good job the House of Lords has voted to make misogyny a hate crime. I'll likely now get sent down for this hateful piece of factual reality


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