Good, it's about time!

 Anger that Covid lateral flow tests could cost £30

There's no anger here at Moose Meadows, I couldn't be happier about it. So far I've only taken one Covid test at that was at the insistence of work. (I also tested my Jack Daniels one night, just as a pissed up science experiment. It was negative)

Now they're thirty quid, all these folks who have been testing daily even though they weren't even sick, will probably give up. I'm so sick of seeing daily 'case' figures being banded about in the news and milked to death by the covid cult who want to keep us restricted and locked down forever

If test are now going to cost thirty quid, those 'case numbers' will drop rapidly, maybe even into oblivion

It was claimed that free universal lateral flow tests will reportedly be scrapped by the government in June, although an official date has yet to be confirmed.

Why wait until June? I see no reason not to do it right away. Every time this Government have considered slightly relaxing one of their pointless restrictions, it's always been weeks or months into the future. Just do it already!

Laura Howarth said: "People will just stop testing! How can people afford to take tests every week!

Good! That's the idea. Why the blithering fuck would you want to take a test every week? It makes no sense. If you're not sick, you don't need a test. If you are sick, stay home and get better. If you're unfortunately sick enough to need hospital treatment, they will test you when you get there

Lynn Crawford said: "Nobody will pay that."

Again, good. But I wouldn't be so sure. Those people we've seen on the telly with twelve masks on and their kids in ziploc bags will probably keep testing twice daily until they declare bankruptcy  

Sue Buxton said: "On top of rising energy bills and food prices? Where do they expect people to 'magic' money from?"

They don't. If you're not sick, don't test. If you are yadda yadda see above

 Kevin Nolan said: "Good, might stop people running for a test every time they sneeze."

I like Kevin. More people should be like Kevin

But they aren't. It astounds me how many people have become totally addicted to the Covid circus

My works have just announced that we will be forced to wear masks until at least 24th March. If I'm challenged in a shop or other public environment for not wearing a mask, I can politely turn around and go somewhere else. That can't be done at work and the law would not be on my side if I got in trouble for refusing

I always said risking my job was not the hill I was willing to die on, but it's becoming more and more difficult as time goes on 


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