Calls for action as council is discovered to not be God.

Blackburn residents anger after bins left unemptied for six weeks

Living just down the road from Blackburn, I can confirm it's actually been three weeks, not six, but hey, don't let the truth get in the way of a good moan.
FED-UP residents have called for action after bins were left unemptied for six weeks.

People living in more than 40 terraced houses in Park Lee Road and Lynthorpe Road in Blackburn said overflowing rubbish could lead to an infestation of rats.

"Could" lead to an infestation. It won't, but it could in some hypothetical, worst-case scenario that these residents (who are not pest controllers) lie awake at night thinking about. (Daytime is taken up with thoughts of X-Factor and Come Dancing)
I'm not entirely sure what action it is they are calling for, either. Maybe they want the bin men to turn up in a magical Christmas sleigh, pulled by Rudolph and chums. Then it would be "Calls for action after council pay huge sums of taxpayers money to Santa for sleigh rental", or "Won't somebody please think of the reindeer!".
Council bosses they feared an accident or even a fatality if a 26-tonne wagon had lost control in the recent ice and snow. They have pledged to empty the bins as soon as possible., Judith Day, 49, who lives in Park Lee Road, said it was 'disgraceful'.
You can't have it both ways Judith. I'm sure you would also be talking to the papers if the bin wagon slipped on the ice and squashed your Nissan Micra. I'm not one for excessive health and safety, but there would be no way a bin wagon could have driven up our road over Christmas, so I understand what they mean. Besides, the snow cleared on Monday and our bins have already been collected.
"They keep using the excuse of bad weather but the roads have been fine for the last couple of days and still are bins remain full to the brim.
Ahh. Your snow has cleared too and this is about how they haven't emptied every bin in Blackburn and Darwen in two days. Maybe with the magical sliegh, they could have managed it in one night, but I bet you never left them a sherry out, did you?
The mother-of-three added: "It is disgusting at the back of our houses and I am appalled that rubbish has just been left to pile up.
Another local resident, Joanne Edmundson, who works as a nurse in intensive care, said: "Things can't just stop working because we have a little bad weather. It's absolutely disgusting out the back and we are worried that about hygiene and rat infestations."
Huh? Are you using the big plastic sacks provided, or are you just throwing your rubbish over the backyard wall?
Terry Trayler, operations manager for Blackburn with Darwen Council, said: "We and our recycling partners have missed a couple of weekly collections at this location because of the dangers posed by the recent ice and snow.

"The last thing we want is an accident or fatality if our 26 tonne wagon slides on the ice. All householders have been left cards explaining the missed collection and given lilac bags for extra waste.
"We have extra crews on this week dealing with the backlog and the bins will be emptied today."

It pains me to say this but that is the most coherent quote in the article, even if he does spoil it by using the word "partners". He is a council lackey after all.
Janet Parsons, who also lives in Park Lee Road, said: "They just keep saying that it's too icy to empty them. It is a disgrace."
No love, you're a disgrace.

A Blackburn back alley, yesterday.


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