I've been tagged!

No, no. I've not got one of those ankle bracelets from the local plod, I'm a good boy me. It seems Dick Puddlecote has started a "describe your blogspace" meme.

The Filthy Engineer has joined in with his own description of a perfect mess, and tagged me to do the same.

Well I must admit I do most of my blogging on the couch now I have bought a laptop. I'm there as I write this; wife to the left of me and cat to the right. Stuck in the middle etc etc....

I do have a blogspace though. Up in the bedroom I have a desk jammed between the wall and the sock draw. The theme is music equipment as the PC is wired to speakers in every room of the house so we can listen to mp3s anywhere.

What's a JML cable tidy?

CD player
Double tape machine
Record deck
2 amplifiers.
Freeview box
Big ass speakers for Friday night Moose music

all plugged into the PC.

There also an in tray piled with crap that never gets filed and a box file thats too full to put any more crap in it.

Blank DVDs and CDs plus every episode of the A-Team
A huge Hoegaarden glass for change
A pile of Action Force magazines from the eighties
A box of ramdom PC parts.
A Becks Beer ashtray.
An external hard drive

Oh and dust, lots of dust.

And pinned to the wall there's an old karate certificate and a copy of the ofiicial snooker rules.

It's not much but I call it home.

I'm going to keep in the spirit of things and tag The Wasp to describe his nest and The Angry Exile to tell us what blog pits look like down under.


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