Quick roundup

It's getting towards the end of the year and I have a number of articles in my reading list that I intended to fisk on this blog, but never got round to, due to reasons of laziness or beer

A few of them can be fisked with a one or very few word answers though, so even laziness or drunkenness shouldn't be an excuse

Let's take a look (if you can be bothered)

You know what else has increased in size over the past 300 years? People.

Humans have also got bigger. Hence, bigger wine glasses. Otherwise, we would just be dropping the fiddly little buggers and wasting good wine

Not getting an invite to an invite only shindig, is not a ban. And I assume the Black and LGBT reporters moaning in the article that they didn't get an invite, didn't get an invite because they would have just used that opportunity to print bollocks about Trump and how racist and homophobic he is (not that they didn't anyway). I wouldn't have invited you either

Move along

Why? Because now we can have minimum pricing in place for at least 20 years, without anyone being able to question it's effectiveness.
Does that mean the minimum price will not increase for at least 20 years, while the impact is being assessed? Does it fuck!

Well they can't chew healthy food without the fucking dentures, can they! I'm sure we don't need a taxpayer funded Nanny group to remind us that sometimes people without teeth, benefit from the use of a blender

Why? They're all at home smoking, because the anti-smoker industry closed all the pubs
Oh, and second hand smoke. Not lethal.  Not even close

Black people are more likely to be stopped and searched? Racist!
Why? Black people are more likely to commit crimes. Racist!

But more importantly,  do they know it's Christmas?
Geldof, your job is done. The Nanny State will take it from here

That's yer lot. I need a lie down


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