Why I'm now a Remainer

What's it been now, two years? We're still in the EU and it doesn't look like we'll be leaving any time soon

Well you know what? That's fine by me

I did vote to leave the EU in the referendum, but I've since changed my mind

Why did I vote leave?
Well I'm a smoker, but UK taxes are far too high, so I get all my tobacco from the EU. That will probably disappear after we leave
Nearly all my holidays are to EU countries, so those will probably get more expensive when we leave
Me and Mrs Bucko plan to retire to Corfu when the time comes, so even if Britain leaves, we will eventually be back inside, anyway

For me personally, with my lifestyle and at my age, staying in the EU probably affords me more benefits that leaving will. I really only stand to loose (although not a huge amount) by leaving

No. I didn't vote leave for myself, I did it for the next generation and the ones that will follow
I voted leave so we could remove a layer of top down controlling Government, made up of a bunch of dictatorial little shits
I voted leave so Britain can retain it's identity, culture and autonomy, rather than being assimilated by the EU Borg

The benefits of that will probably not be evident, to a great extent, within my life time. It's going to take years, maybe decades to repair the damage done by our membership of the EU

And if we stay in, it won't just be more of the same, it will gradually get worse over time until a real EUSSR does exist. By that time, there will be no more referendums and no more opportunity to leave the EU or even say no to any of it's diktats.

Democracy will cease to exist as we know it and the EU will continue to shout that this is all being done in the name of preserving democracy. Only, their version of it, which isn't freedom at all

Yes, EU life in a decade or two will be unbearable for anyone who values their freedom
(Unless you're enjoying your final years off the grid, on a quiet Greek island, I'm hoping)

But unfortunately the people who do stand to benefit from my vote, are the people who now hate me for casting it

According to the younger generation (not all, I concede), I'm a xenophobic, racist, bigoted little Englander who shouldn't have been allowed to vote in the first place, because I didn't understand what I was voting for

The hatred and vitriol flying our way from the remainers is non stop and un-checked

And then there's our own Government. We gave them the opportunity to create a truly free and democratic country and in return, they gave us the sugar tax. And now they want to ban straws


So I don't know why I bothered

If they want to stay in the EU that badly, then fine. If they succeed in getting their second referendum, so be it. This time I'll vote to stay

I'll keep my cheap tobacco and cheap holidays. My retirement will be a lot more hassle free as an EU citizen

If we stay, I stand to gain. When I'm dead and buried, all the people who called me names for voting to leave, will be citizens of an EU superstate dictatorship

And they'll be on their own

Fuck 'em