Enough to make you think about giving up?

The Daily Mail seems to think they have the goods to make us smokers want to quit, just because they found some second rate anti-smoker with their own Youtube video

A YouTube user has shared a shocking video showing the damage to your lungs and throat that is caused by smoking just one pack of cigarettes.
Chris Notap carried out his own experiment to mimic the effects on the body in the hope it will encourage people to quit for good.
He fills a jar with cotton wool balls and uses a suction pump to suck the smoke from cigarettes which is pulled through the jar.
After 20 cigarettes are 'smoked' through the make-shift 'lungs', the cotton balls are left a revolting brown colour from the toxic chemicals.
The clip also shows the pump's tube, which represents the throat, clogged with a sticky brown gooey tar.

It's not shocking, it's just shit. It's worse than high school science. It's worse than the junk science vomited out by the Tobacco Control Industry. It wouldn't even get published in an ASH press release

Erm. no. My lungs are not made from cotton wool balls. Nice try...


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