It's a new word I think, 'Celebs'. There are 'Celebrities', but it doesn't mean the same thing

A celebrity might be an actor, a singer or a game show host; Someone working in the entertainment industry who is well known to a lot of people, maybe has fans

I know there's a modern propensity for celebrities to use their fame to speak about things they have little knowledge of, get involved with politics, protests and the like, but that's by the by. If a celebrity wants to act like a bit of a dick when they're not celebritying, that's no skin off my nose. They're still celebrities though, in the normal sense of the word

A 'Celeb' though, seems to be a totally different entity. The word 'Celeb' seems to be applied to a totally talentless nobody who once starred in a reality TV show where people are simply put in situations where all they do is yell at each other

A celeb is a non-entity with no talent and a massive gob

I like to watch The Big Bang Theory. It's funny and it's on the TV at the same time as I have my tea. The trouble is, it's on E4, a totally shit TV channel with an unhealthy obsession with celebs. I have to mute the commercial breaks, because it's all adverts for shit TV shows with celebs in shit situations

Celebs go dating, Celebs learn to drive. I wish they would film, 'Celebs get thrown in a woodchipper'

If it wasn't for Mrs Bucko, I wouldn't bother with TV at all. I once blogged a step by step instruction about how to legally avoid paying a TV licence. I did it too, for a good few years, but in the end, Mrs B decided she wanted the TV back and now we have to pay for it

The TV does have one or two uses, but the telly tax has none at all. It's not paying that though, that grips my shit as much as seeing how much telly has dumbed down some people to the point where they actually see this utter bilge as some form of entertainment.

Anything about 'Celebs' has no business being classed as entertainment is any sense of the word and neither does anything in the 'Reality TV' spectrum

The fact that there is a market for it, is the most depressing thing at all. No wonder the world is turning into shit