Friday Night Moose Music - Dance Like Yer Dad (The Reboot)

There's a club in Altrincham called The Cinnamon Club. We discovered it quite by accident, while looking for something else.
They have a regular band on called Dominic Halpin and the Honey B's, who do all kinds of rock n roll stuff, which we both love, so we decided to try it out for the experience.

It's like a huge, old style ballroom above a working mens club. I was told it's the largest sprung dance floor in England.

There is a lot of seating which was all full, but as soon as the band strike up a song, the dance floor gets packed. I've never seen so many people jiving the night away.
There were ages from about forties going right up. One tiny old couple was putting folk a lot younger to shame with their dances. They were like a young couple in love in a 50's diner

Everyone was very friendly and we had a great night, so that inspires tonight's little selection. Enjoy


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