Saturday wibble

I went to my friends 40th birthday party last night. I've known the lad for twenty years now and I've been quite friendly with his folks during that time

His Dad bought us a beer and sat with us when he turned up. He asked for the first time ever, how I had actually met the guy.

My mate started a job at the place where I currently worked about twenty years ago. I was 21 and he would have been 20. He had been at the company for only a couple of weeks and didn't know me from Adam, however as he was walking past me and I was about to sit down, he whipped my chair out from under me and I went arse over tit.

He brings that story up quite often when we have a beer. Apparently it was an instinctive reaction to pull out my chair and one that he instantly regretted. For all he knew, I might have been inclined to get him fired. Fortunately we became good friends

There were a lot of young people working at that place and the wages weren't very good, but all we cared about was earning enough to have a beer at the weekend, so we just had a laugh at work and got up to quite a few antics.

With today's health and safety laws, you would definitely get fired for some of the things we used to do.

Being a grown up now though, I still find that people like to give each other whatever pain they can get away with at work. The most popular one at our place is jumping on an air pillow behind someone to frit the shit out of them. We go through a lot of air pillows and not just for packing boxes

I once tip toed right across an empty warehouse to pop an air pillow behind a girl working away at a computer terminal on her own. I've never heard a scream quite like it

My personal favourite is disconnecting someones telephone handset at the phone. When the phone rings, they pick up the handset and say hello, but the cable is just dangling and the phone is still ringing. It's a simple trick to confuse the noggin off someone

Has anyone else got any work pranks?

I've been rough as arseholes today, after the party last night. The sun's over the yardarm now though so I've just opened a hairy dog.

I'll pop into the smokey drinkey bar later on and see if anyones about. Probably about tenish. It's Saturday night, there might be a few people having a scoop or two. It often gets busier later on a Saturday night

See you there?


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