How do these things get as far as court?

Compo blow for cab rape women

TEN victims of evil black cab rapist John Worboys lost their bid for damages against his motor insurers yesterday.The women claimed his taxi was used against them and the insurers were liable.They said they were “tricked” into getting inside in 2007 and 2008, believing they would be safe.
But a High Court judge ruled the insurers were not liable as Worboys’ attacks were a “pre-meditated criminal enterprise”. Mr Justice Silber dismissed the women’s applications against Inceptum Insurance Company Ltd.
The victims claimed it was liable because Worboys’ crimes were committed in his insured taxi.
But the judge said the women’s injuries did not arise out of the use of the vehicle within the meaning of the law.
That's the right result as far as I'm concerned. The women were victims of a serious crime, yet the perpetrator was caught and punished.

In the compensation culture we have fostered, the next logical step is to get some money. If the person who committed the crime against you has none (or not enough), then target the next closest person or entity.

Insurance companies are an easy target because they appear to have money to throw at any spurious claim.

Suggesting that an insurance company is responsible for a crime committed inside a vehicle they insure is patent nonsense and the judge was right to throw it out.

I wonder how the appeal will go?