It's school rules gone bonkers!

Following on from this, also here, it seems the rebellious are popping out of the woodwork as schools crack down on uniform rules.

St Paul's Cray Primary School tells child to remove jubilee hair ribbons

THE mum of a child ordered to remove her Diamond Jubilee hair ribbons at school, says teachers care more about an annual French day than the Queen's 60th anniversary.
French day?
But the school disagree
"We're very supportive of the Queen's jubilee.
"We did a lot more for the jubilee than the French day. (French day? Ed.) It has been a real focus of attention this term.

"In terms of our uniform policy we expect the children to adhere to the uniform policy when attending school.
It's not about Jubilee excuses, it's about wearing the correct uniform to school. You can either accept that or get you fifteen minutes of fame in the local paper.

Schoolgirl excluded in row over black socks
A SCHOOLGIRL was excluded from a week of lessons for wearing black socks in the classroom.
Year 8 pupil Chelsea Whiteman was banned from Knole Academy, Sevenoaks, after refusing to stay in isolation for wearing the non-uniform footwear.
Yep, she's a bit of a one this 'un, but her mum is right there to defend her.
The 13-year-old's mother admitted her daughter can be "mouthy" but believes the school over-reacted.
Insisting a gobby teenager stick to the school rules is an over reaction if you are the parent that raised the brat.
"Chelsea does stand up for herself, and because she was in correct uniform while in isolation she walked out, she was then excluded for a week.
There are adult ways and child ways to resolve a dispute. She chose the child way, and she will continue to do so until someone teaches here right from wrong.
"Exclusion is not the right punishment, Chelsea was probably enjoying her time off in the sun, so it isn't a deterrent. After-school detentions would work a lot better.
"Now she is just sat at home having a nice time while I'm out working.
"If she was kept after school she would miss out on going out with friends, swimming and things like that."
Maybe if you stepped up as a parent and punished her yourself you wouldn't have to worry about the schools choice of punishment.

Pupils forced to wear blazers in hot weather
SCHOOLCHILDREN have been punished for [...] taking off their blazers to cool down.
Bit harsh
"It has been scorching and it is totally unfair that the teachers walk around all summery and the pupils have to keep their blazers on. They come home sweating."
At least they'll be safe from p..., don't go there.


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