Children can't give consent?

Placebo ruined my life: Child star of rock album cover sues band for damages claiming the picture led him to be bullied, drop out of school and become unemployed

This is the album cover in question

He was that 12-year-old boy in that red jumper tugging his cheeks on the cover of Placebo's 1996 debut album.
Now David Fox, an unemployed chef from Scunthorpe, Lincolnshire, is set to sue the Britpop band for damages arguing that he never consented to the image being used.
The 28-year-old claims the album's success caused him to be bullied at school and ostracised from his peers. He took a year out of school, eventually dropping out of his GCSEs as a result.
Was he really so badly affected by his image being used in that way or is it just a ruse to get some easy money because he's made nothing of his life?

How should I know?

But I actually hope he wins. I hope he takes them for millions.


Because of this:

And this:

And this:

And this.

The Tobacco Control Industry has one argument that it turns to time and time again. They are protecting the children. Who could argue with that?

Well they are not protecting children, they are using them, exploiting them for their own ends. Power, money and control.

The children in these adverts will grow up one day. They may even become smokers themselves. I hope that when that time comes, the Tobacco Control Industry is made to feel the placebo effect because these kids never gave their consent either.

They were used to attack a minority group of people, yet they are too young to hate. I hope they don't grow up embrace that hate because of what Tobacco control did to them.


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