Saturday (I don't want to blog about politics) night

It seems that smoking really is hazardous to health. Particulaly for this chap in Wales.

A man is in intensive care, in a stable condition, after a car hit a smoking shelter outside a pub in Laugharne, Carmarthenshire.

I bet the antis would have a field day with this one. Is a smoking shelter falling on your head classed as fifth or sixth hand smoke? You can't have a fag in peace these days.

Witnesses say Peter Brown, 59, from Laugharne, was hit after a car reversed into the shelter outside the Cross House pub at 20:00 BST on Friday.
The female driver of the car is also being treated at West Wales General Hospital in Carmarthen.

I wonder what she is being treated for? Chronic embarrassment?  It would be a female driver that steps on it in reverse and wrecks the local boozer. Unless she did it on purpose. She might be an anti smoker herself. Who knows what level they will stoop to.

I wonder if the NHS will treat this chaps injuries? After all, they are smoking related.

Anyway, enough about Wales.

Spring has really sprung over here and my garden is teeming with life. Something strange is happening though. Over the past month I've been planting all sorts of veg, including radish, turnips, lettuce, peas and carrots.

The only thing that seems to be growing are the bloody radishes. But they're growing everywhere. I've got pots labelled 'turnip' and there's radishes growing in them. The carrot patch is full of radishes. I look at a pot and think that's doing well, what is it, then I notice it's another pile of bloody radishes.*

I'm pulling up radishes and three more are growing in their place. I wish something else would start to grow, I do like radishes but I also like a bit of variety. When every meal is accompanied by radishes and every salad is a radish salad, life gets a bit boring. I did see a lettuce, but on closer inspection it turned out to be a raddishio.

I do have about five decent tobacco plants growing in the kitchen though. I wish they grew like the bloody radishes, I must have sown close to a thousand bacci seeds and so far I only have five plants to show for it.

Can you smoke radishes?

I'm off for a pint. Happy Saturday.

*I almost didn't exaggurate while writing this story.