Me too (Eventually)

I am well behind the times on this one but for some reason I just couldn't get the bloody gif working. I'm normally a lot better with computers, I must be getting old. Thanks to Julia for the assist.

Anyway, here it is and working this time:

Now this isn't something that I would normally put on the blog, I'm not endorsing it and I'm not asking you to sign the petition. Do so if you wish however, that's no business of mine.

Just for the record, my opinion of homosexuality is this:
Its not natural, and no matter how natural it may feel to you, it isn't. One of you has the wrong bits. Simply asserting that it is right and proper does not make it so. And I really wish the more vocal of the gay community would stop getting in our faces about it.

Having said that, choices are choices and yours are none of my business. I would never try to interfere in the lives of those who don't interfere in mine.

I can't really understand why gay folks would want to get married in the traditional sense of the term. Why would you want to be a part of a club that hates you? Me and Mrs Bucko got married in a registry office because we are not religious. I wouldn't dream of trying to change the law to force churches to marry people like us.

Registry offices exist for people like us. Civil ceremonies exist for those who play for both teams. Church weddings are there for those who believe in sky pixies.

Anyway, the reason for posting this advert is the same as that of many other bloggers this past week. Archbishop Cranmer, another blogger, has been targeted by the ASA for posting this same thing. Now they are all posting it in the name of free speech, just like I do today.

Even if I disagree with your opinion, I will defend your right to voice it.

A lot has been said around the blogs about this subject and I offer this little titbit:

The Advertising Standards Agency is a limited company. See the bottom of their web page for proof:

Click to biggen
A limited company must include certain information on its correspondence by law. See here

 The ASA does not:

Names omitted to protect the guilty

.In order to hide the fact that it is simply a limited company, the ASA ignores laws that it would surely force others to adhere to. It's a non entity, in breach of the law itself and should be ignored.

 Legal, decent, honest, truthful? I don't think so.


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