Friday night Moose music - Banned 2

I decided on another selection of banned records this evening in tribute to Olly who proved that free speech is now dead in Britain.

This selection, in alphabetical order and no particular stylee, are songs banned specifically by the BBC.

My source here is Wikipedia, so if anyone has any corrections, let's be 'avin' 'em. Additions are also welcome.

There's a funny quote about this one in Zen and the Art of Motorcycle maintenance, but I read it so many years ago I can't remember it. Google isn't helping me either.
It was something to do with the stones sending letters back and forth to the BBC in an aim to reach a compromise and get the ban lifted. In the end they agreed to change 'Lets spend the night together' to somehting like, 'Lets spend some time in the early evening together without any physical touching'.
Of course that never happened. Has anyone read the book?

When I did 'Banned #1' I got berated for missing this one out, so here it is.

And here's another shaggin' song that the BBC never got thier hands on. (I think shaggin' was a dance in America, not some shuffling of the more horizontal kind)

If you're shaggin' the night away tonight, don't forget to visit the comedy lounge and the gallery. Happy Friday folks!


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