There are no fat people in government?

Cameron backs Danish-style 'fat tax' on most unhealthy food as Tories launch battle with the bulge

Why oh why do we even bother voting? You just cant tell the difference anymore. Cameron is supposed to be a Tory, small state, low tax, no nannying etc. Maggie must be turning in her grave.

A fat tax could be the answer to Britain’s obesity time-bomb, David Cameron suggested yesterday.

Britain doesn't have an obesity time bomb, it has a few fat people and a lot of righteous people who want nag us all into living a British standard lifestyle so they can line their pockets with taxpayers money while pretending to be charitable, altruistic champions of the 'vulnerable'.

The tax – being considered at a time of rampant food price inflation – could put 25p on the price of a pack of butter and 8p on a packet of crisps.

This won't do a damn thing to prevent obesity but it will hurt poor people a great deal. This tax will help to swell the treasury and keep up the wasteful policies of those who dictate to us, only through taking more money from the pockets of poor people who are already struggling to cover their weekly food bills.

Although no details have been worked out, the levy would target products such as milk, cheese, pizza, meat, oil and processed food.

Milk, cheese and meat? They intend to tax some of the most common staples because of a misconception about fat and what it does to us. This will penalise everyone, even those who eat a healthy balanced diet..

Mr Cameron said drastic action was needed because by 2050 more than half of the population is predicted to be obese – so fat their health is in danger.

He's really fallen for this nonsense hasn't he. The lobby groups are now in charge of the country.

But many of his backbenchers will criticise the move as an example of the ‘nanny state’ his party is supposed to oppose.

I hope they don't just criticise, they need to throw him straight out of the party. He's been making a mockery of Tory values ever since the coalition came to power, but this must be far over stepping the mark.

‘I am worried about the costs to the Health Service, the fact that some people are going to have shorter lives than their parents.’

Neither of which is really your concern. You force us all at gunpoint to pay for the health service, why should you be worried about the cost of treating us? If things are that bad, scrap the NHS and NI, and lets have an insurance based system instead.

Our longevity is no business of yours either. If we die early because of our lifestyle choices, fine, we will deal with that. Or is it because you want us to be good little taxpayers for as long as possible?

Last night Tam Fry of the National Obesity Forum said: ‘We will obviously have to wait to see the small print of the tax he is considering but he has made a move in the right direction.’
Professor Terence Stephenson, president of the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health, said: ‘We welcome David Cameron’s comments to consider taking drastic action against a child epidemic problem that is growing year on year.

And out of the woodwork they come. The righteous with their hands in the tax tin, demanding that something be done about people they whose lifestyles they disagree with, all in the name of seeking those rents.

‘There should be stringent support to help low-income families to afford lower fat and higher quality foods for their children.’

No there shouldn't. Low income families who choose to have children should be bearing the responsibility for their choices. Any family should be left alone to make their own eating choices. The state has no business here.


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