Beer and babies? Not my kind of venue.

This is another 'Shut up righteous, you created this' moment.

Pubs are struggling to survive since the smoking ban took away all their trade. The righteous anti-smokers refuse to notice the damage the ban has done. Some blame it on the recession, some blame it on the price of supermarket booze and some even try to come up with 'exciting' new ways for pubs to bring in trade.

Of course these new ways must conform to righteous standards, rarely involving alcohol, never involving smoking and always child friendly. When a struggling pub has the cheek to come up with it's own ideas for survival, there is of course, uproar.
A town pub has come under fire after launching a 'highly inappropriate' baby and toddler group - in the bar.

Oh hell no! Babies in a bar?  That cannot be allowed to happen...

Young children are allowed to play at the Kings Fee pub in Hereford - part of the JD Wetherspoon chain - just feet away from drinkers.

..and just feet away from drinkers too. Just feet away! Oh the humanity!

I must admit, I'm not a fan of children so I would never drink in a bar with a mum and toddler group just feet away from me. (Feet away!). That's my choice though, as it is the choice of parents to take their kids to such a place.

I agree it would be inappropriate for the parents to get pissed up while their kids are running around. This happens all too often in some pubs. Landlords turn a blind eye while parents get smashed and kids run riot, just because they are so desperate for custom.

This pub seems to have arranged a proper mother and baby group though, and the impression is that it will be run responsibly.
The pub provides toys, a play-pen for toddlers and a changing area for babies while milk and food can be heated in a microwave.

Gah! My first thought is 'It's a pub, not a creché', but it is their pub and they can run it how they see fit. I certainly wouldn't be drinking there while the group is in attendance, just feeeeeeet away!
The 'Kings Fee Baby and Toddler Group' meets between 10am and 12pm every Tuesday.

Ahh.. So I definitely wouldn't be drinking there when the mum and baby group is in. I am never in a pub between 10 and 12 on a Tuesday, or any other day of the week for that matter.

Reading the story I would have thought that this is going one at all hours when the pub is full of alcoholics falling over. Two hours a week on a Tuesday morning? Only the righteous could get this story into the Daily Fail.

But parents groups hit out at holding such a group meeting in an establishment selling alcohol.
Neil Leitch, chief executive of the Pre-school Learning Alliance, said: 'We would urge caution as this is an inappropriate location to hold a mother and toddler group.
'We strongly advise parents to be careful and not to drink when they are looking after children. Childcare and alcohol is a highly inappropriate combination.
'If they want to continue holding the group in the pub we would suggested they do it in a closed off room away from the other customers.'

Oh wind it in! It's two hours a week on a Tuesday morning. What do you think it's going to do, turn the little darlings into raving alcoholics through passive drinking?

Mother-of-one Mary Jones, 34, said: 'I was completely shocked when I heard about the group.

Argggh! So don't go then.

'A pub is not an appropriate setting for young children. The idea of toddlers running around a pub with a load of locals getting drunk is mind boggling, I have never heard anything like it.'

Yes because that's what every pub is all about, every hour of every day. A load of locals getting drunk. (Feet away)

The group was set up by husband and wife Kings Fee managers Robbie and Helen Bates.
Mrs Bates, who has a two-year-old son, said: 'There are no other places that are big enough in Hereford to hold a mother and baby group.
'We decided to create one in the pub, it is a big venue and we feel it is family friendly.
'We hope to expand the group over the next few weeks. It is a place where mums can come to have a quick natter with their friends.'
But Anita Leech, 41, a teacher and mother-of-three, said: 'A pub is the last place I would want to take my kids.
'I can't believe they are even allowed to have a group in a pub like that surely there must be health and safety rules to adhere to.'

I'm sure there are and I'm sure they do. You don't have to take your own kids there if you don't want to.

Although not my cup of tea, this pub could actually be doing the community a favour if there are no other suitable venues in the area. People like yourself are often the first ones to cry about the rising cost of childcare or lack of facilities for children. You don't like it when someone tries to provide a service for their customers and community that doesn't quite conform to your righteous world view though, do you?

A spokesman for JD Wetherspoon today defended the group, claiming the pub is 'an ideal meeting place' for mothers and their young children.
He said: 'We do not feel that it is inappropriate to hold the group in the pub. There are many groups held in different pubs across the country as they are ideal meeting places.
'We are delighted the group is being held here, it is a social pub and we want it to be the hub of the community.
'We do not feel there is a risk in having young children in our establishments. If other people think it is inappropriate it is up to them, they do not have to attend the group.'

They don't have to attend the group. Quite. However they will cross hell and high water to see that no one else can do either. Why? Because they can.


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