Oh please do!

It's one thing for 'charities to be funded by the taxpayer, but to go on strike over pay, now that really takes the cake.

CHARITY workers who support some of East Lancashire’s most vulnerable families are considering going on strike.

Protests revolve around plans to reduce protected pay periods for staff, following redeployment, from two years to one, and a salary freeze.
Dave Prentis, Unison general secretary, said: “Charity workers’ jobs have become increasingly difficult, with the pressures placed on them by the Government’s cuts, at the same time as rising demand for services.”
Mike Robinson, Unite national officer, said AfC pay was not keeping pace with inflation and pushing members into ‘further financial hardship’.

These charities, funded by taxpayers money, are often supplying largely uneccessary 'services' at great cost to the public. Surely they see the need to be realistic about the challenges we face in the current economic climate?
Richard Cove, AfC’s human resources director, said the charity ‘needs to be realistic about the challenges we face’, in the current economic climate, and strike action was ‘regrettable’.

Eh? but.. sheesh!
He pledged to continue talks with the unions, in the hope of reaching a settlement.

Sod the talks, go on strike. Let's see if you are missed.

“Our priority is to continue to deliver services for the most vulnerable children and young people we work with,” he said.

Always 'the most vulnerable'. Priority should be not wasting taxpayers hard earned cash.


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