Opportunity Knox

This has already been given a suitably good kicking over at Max Farquar, but I see no reason not to show another copy of this:

Go and see Max for the full fake story.
I always knew the MSM were a bunch of useless liars, but this takes the cake. The Daily fail have prepared two stories about the Amanda Knox appeal before the results were known. One for if the appeal was rejected and one for if she was acquitted. The silly buggers posted the wrong one online though.

It even comes with fake quotes - "Prosecutors were delighted with the verdict and said “Justice has been done” although they said on a “human factor it was sad two young people would be spending years in jail“

So did the reporter just make this up out of the air or did he actually approach the prosecutors and ask for quotes for either eventuality?

"Can I have a quote to use if the appeal is rejected?"
"I couldn't possibly give a quote until we know!"
"Maybe this will help?"
"Prosecutors were delighted blah blah blah...

It could happen.

It also puts into question, everything written in the 'true' story that was eventually published. That also contains quotes and emotions that were probably made up a long time before the verdict came in. In fact, it puts into question everything the Daily Mail have ever written.

It's a good job I've never taken MSM stories as gospel truth.

So. After four years she has been acquitted and is on her way home. I try not to get involved in discussing cases such as these. I never go to the trials and as we have just seen, the info in the media is unreliable at best.

The assumption must now be that she is in fact innocent and has lost four years of her life in an Italian jail. If there is one thing I am sure of it's that I couldn't do time, particularly four years of it. I feel for her.

Good luck to her. She may have been in hell for the last four years but she has an opportunity now. Sell that story! Just not to the Daily Mail.


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