You've got to spend money to make money.

Italian ad campaign aims to shame tax dodgers

The Italian government has turned to Margaret Thatcher's favourite ad men - Saatchi & Saatchi - for a hard-hitting campaign to tackle tax evasion and show it is serious about getting the country's finances in order.

If I was an Italian taxpayer, watching my government spend my money on advertising campaigns It would probably encourage me to evade as much as possible.

The nationwide campaign doesn't pull any punches.

"Think what you could do with 100bn euros [£87.5bn; $142bn]," runs one ad.
"Build 600 new hospitals or a million new homes - or triple spending on security"

How about millions in EU bailouts, lavish expense accounts for politicians etc?

The underlying message is summed up by another slogan describing tax dodgers as "parasites on society".
The aim of the campaign is to shame tax evaders into declaring their real income, boosting the government's coffers and helping to stave off financial ruin.

Ahhh, it's another "Do your civic duty" campaign.

That would also encourage me to evade as much as possible.

But Mr Tremonti has been embarrassed by allegations that he used cash to pay the rent on a flat in Rome - a classic ruse of tax dodgers the world over.

A politician guilty of not doing what they want the rest of us to do? Get outta here!

He hasn't been charged with any offence but has admitted that he made mistakes.

Of course....