Those hard arsed Crown Court judges

Some of the first rioters to be sent before the crown court in Manchester have been sentenced.

Throwing out 'sentancing guidelines' the judge awarded sentences of eighteen months in prison, sixteen months in prison, two years in a young offenders institute and one suspended sentence of ten months with an eighteen month supervision order (the suspended sentence was given to the only female)

I wonder what the sentences would have been if the guidelines were followed? Can't be much if these pitiful punishments are supposed to be the justice system getting all tough on their arses, can it.

I like this comment from the judge:
Judge Gilbart said: "To anyone who lives in Manchester or Salford, the effect of what had happened was heartbreaking.

"This (Manchester and Salford taken together) is a hardworking city with a wonderfully diverse society, which is one of its great strengths.

Personally I reckon their 'wonderfully diverse society' is the main cause of their heartbreak.


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