Shop an English Defence League terrorist

POTENTIAL right-wing extremists in Lancashire are to be spotlighted in a scheme originally set up to track would-be terrorists following the 9/11 and 7/7 attacks.

FFS! I remember when this scheme first came out and I'm sure I blogged about it at the time. People who dealt with children were being asked to report anyone that showed signs they were at risk of radicalisation.

It was bollocks from the ground up; teachers, youth workers etc phoning the authorities and reporting children in a 1984 thought crime manner.

However, wrong as it may have been, it was the product of a world society that was dealing with muslim terrorism on a grand scale. Now it has been resurrected, flipped on it's arse and is going to be used to spot right wing extremists.

Parents, teachers, community leaders and police officers are referring children and young adults who they feel may be at risk of being radicalised by groups such as the English Defence League.

Right wing extremists of course, being the EDL. The Quiet Man did a good post on the EDL recently. After the riots across the country last week, many people came out to defend their homes and businesses.

All the ethnic minorities that acted in their own defence were held up as heroes. The EDL who did the same, plus organised clean up efforts were openly vilified in the national press as right wing racists.

Police said the ground-breaking counter-terrorism programme Channel has been adapted to take account of the rise in right wing extremism in the county.

Officers who run the project said they had redrafted programmes and guidance in response to the growth of right-wing organisations.

This flawed project was first started in response to muslim terrorism. This website will give you full details of the 17,588 (and counting) attacks committed in the name of Islam since 9/11.

This is just since the beginning of Ramadan.

And what do the EDL do? They protest. They march. They talk.

They don't commit terrorist atrocities. They don't blow themselves up. They don't blow buildings up. They don't blow buses up. They don't set fire to people they don't like, not even muslims.

Since April’s high-profile demonstration and counter-protest in Blackburn, in which 12 people were arrested, police said the project has received a number of referrals.

The only reason this demonstration was so high profile is because the police keep bleating on about the cost after sending one police officer for every demonstrator.

The only reason there were 12 arrests was because the police bottled everybody into a tiny square and kept them there until tempers began to fray. I know, I was there. I think there was only one arrest before the kettling, some drunk chap.

Channel is a national safeguarding initiative for individuals considered vulnerable to recruitment by violent extremists.

The English Defence League are not violent extremists.

It is an early intervention strand of the Government’s counter-terrorism ‘Prevent’ strategy.

Neither are they terrorists.

Insp Bilal Mulla, Lancashire’s Channel co-ordinator, said: “Channel is not a tool for spying.

Inspector Mulla eh?

"It is making people understand there may be vulnerable people who are targeted by those with radical views who had a different agenda.
“It is not about criminalising people, it is early intervention before radicalisation.
“Think about what happened in Norway. Do we really want that sort of thing to happen in Lancashire?”

Well what's the best way to prevent a Norway happening in Lancashire?
1) Monitor and report the children of EDL supporters. Intervene in families of EDL supporters. Label children's parents as violent right wing extremists.

2) Listen to the concerns of these 'radical extremists' and reverse the trend of creeping islamification. Stop labelling anyone who disagrees with policy as racist. Give back equal standing to English people rather than making them second class citizens at the expense of 'equality' and 'diversity'.

Insp Mulla said he wanted to encourage people to refer any ‘signposts’ of right-wing or other types of extremism to his team.
“It is not much different to child sexual exploitation. It can happen online and people are ‘groomed’ into a certain belief and ideology.

Now he's comparing them to paedophiles. Well done for slipping that in there.

"It is about us building trust and confidence and making sure the right messages get out.

Trust? You don't have mine.

Since the EDL protest and counter-demonstration was held, Channel has had referrals from adults concerned about children being ‘radicalised’.
They said they had to update their literature to cater for the threat to community cohesion from right-wing groups.
Insp Mulla said: “We get referrals from a wide range of agencies and yes, more of these referrals are now for people associated with groups like the EDL.”
In one case, a teacher referred a pupil for a race hate crime.
His school is now working with the Channel team to look at his behaviour and his case will be put before the next panel later this month.
Insp Mulla said: “Teachers should be looking out for key indicators.

"Is the child not engaging with other communities?
Are they writing concerning things in their exercise books like the 7/7 bombers did?

Community Cohesion Sgt Colin Dassow, who runs the courses, said: “Right-wing extremism is having a big influence on what we do.”

What the hell is a Community Cohesion Sargent? And the police are complaining that the cuts will mean less front line officers? Get rid of crap like this and you will save a good deal of cash.

To contact Channel, call 01254 353638.


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