They can't do right for doing wrong these H&S folk.

PARENTS of a ten-year-old girl who claim she was badly sunburnt after a day at Pennard primary have labelled the school's policy towards sun cream as "crazy."

You see, the school has banned suncream.

The couple have raised the issue of sun cream with the school before and were told pupils were not allowed to bring it in with them in case some children had an allergic reaction.

The mere possibility of suncream from one child, coming into contact with the skin of another child who is allergic to suncream, is justification for banning it altogether.

Common sense is not allowed, preventative measures are not allowed, all sun cream must be banned.

Head teacher of Pennard Primary School, Sharon Freeguard, said: "We follow guidelines issued in 2006 which are for the children to cover up, wear a hat and put cream on before they come to school.

"Parents are welcome at a lunch-time to come to school and reapply cream if they feel it is necessary.

"It would not be appropriate for the staff to put cream on 200 children."

It's not their fault you see, they are following 'guidelines'. Guidelines which suggest it is inappropriate for teachers to put cream on 200 children but no problem for 200 parents to attend school at lunchtime and do it themselves.

And it's certainly out of the question for the children to apply their own suncream....

Andrew and Victoria Bowen say their daughter Aimee was severely burnt on her shoulders while taking part in a practice for their upcoming sports day.

No need to worry anymore. I'm sure they'll just ban sports days.


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