Saturday (I don't want to blog about politics) night

I don't want to blog about politics? For the last few weeks I've done nothing but not blog about politics. It's been so busy I've forgotten how I ever managed to get anything done.

While I've been away,

The government has done a u-turn on removing innocent people from the DNA database.

There has been some horrible events in Norway, blamed on right wing bloggers or something.

A few of us had a jolly day out in Stony Stratford.

And just this morning some bugger decides we should bring back capital punishment.

On a more personal note, Mrs Bucko has herself a new car.

Sierra XR4i. You bet your arse I'm jealous. It oozes class.
She's made sure I won't be borrowing it a hurry though.

If we are to bring back hanging, pink furry dice would be a good reason.

I've no time for a long one, I'm off to a smokey drinkey. Pool and darts at my sisters house.

I've not done any Moose music for a while so here's a funky little ditty to be going on with.