Grab a peado granny night

A predatory grandmother who went on a string of dates with teenagers has been ordered to sign the Sex Offender Register for sleeping with a 15-year old boy.

What no prison? If that were a predatory Granddad who had sex with a fifteen year old girl, he would have been in the slammer before you could say, let's play put the marshmallow in the moneybox. Ahh well, one rule for men, one for women, it's feminism you see.

It seems everyone is equal in the eyes of the public though.

'People have been beating me, putting the windows through, calling me "paedo".
Sex offender: Mrs Whatton of Burnley admitted the two-month fling with a 15-year old boy
'I only just moved into a new house and I already got my windows put through.'

Not that I condone such behaviour in any way.

Judge Simon Newall said: 'Men and woman should be treated the same with regard to breaches of the law.
'Whether or not I agree that women's sexuality should or shouldn't be considered the same, it's very serious and she needs to be aware of that.'

... she needs to understand that if she's going to go out with teenage lads they have got to be 16. If it happens again she won't be let off at second time.'

I wonder what the chances are?

Don't fancy yours much


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