Friday night Moose music. Where are they now?

Transvision Vamp

Formed in 1986, Transvision Vamp were a British rock group comprising Nick Sayer, Dave Parsons, Tex Axile, Pol Burton and the incredibly gorgeous Wendy James.

1989 saw the most success for the group when they released the single, "Baby I don't care".


Success continued for two albums, but after a couple of records flopped abroad, the band tried an unfortunate new, more mellow direction for the third album. Their record label, MCA, took exception to this and it was never released in the UK.

The band split early 1992. Axile died shortly into his solo career and Parsons joined a grunge band called Bush who went on to sell 10 million albums.

Wendy James' solo career was not a story of success. One album made it to 43 in the charts, two singles did not make the top 30 and a third was never released. She formed a band called Racine in 2004 but they never got anywhere. They were disbanded in 2008.


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