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Police service 'hated' by government, officers told

A senior police official has told officers that government ministers "hate the police service".
John Giblin also said the government wanted to "destroy" the service "in order to rebuild it again, but in their image".
He was speaking at the Police Federation of England and Wales conference in Bournemouth.
He added that the biggest loser "will be the public whom we all serve and have a duty to protect".
During his speech Mr Giblin, the sergeants committee chairman, also said that policing was entering "a period of doom, gloom and despondency".

Personally I don't care how despondant the police are. In my opinion, re-building the force from the ground up would be the best thing to do as they are no longer fit for purpose.

Maybe if they want to gain some respect back they should use their time and ability to prevent and detect crime rather than arresting people for:

Singing karaoke
painting their fence.
Joking on twitter.
And many more.

Maybe they should stop concentrating on equality and diversity an stick to enforcing law.

Inspector Gadget, linked above, moans about the way the police force has been politicised and taken over by righteous do-gooders and H&S nuts, but on a daily basis we see the rank and file officers 'following orders' rather than using any common sense.

The coppers who arrested the pub singer for singing Kung Fu Fighting must have understood how stupid they looked but they went ahead and did it anyway.

I don't know why these people joined the force, but unless it was to bully and coerce innocent memebers of the public, they should be speaking out or at least excersising their own judgement when it comes to making these downright idiotic arrests.

No, the police are no longer fit for purpose. Yes, they do need re-building from the ground up. They also need to remove the army of backroom staff on 9-5 shifts whose only tasks involve 'diversity'.

Paul McKeever, chairman of the federation, said Home Secretary Theresa May would face tough questions from officers when she delivers a keynote speech on Wednesday.

I hope she gave them tough answers.


Mrs May said: “Let me be clear, not all of you will like some of the decisions we have taken and not all of you will like what I have to say.
"But it is not my job to duck the difficult decisions and just tell you what you want to hear. It is my job to tell it like it is, to make difficult decisions, and get the police through these difficult times.”


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