Saturday (I don't want to blog about politics) night

First off, I would just like to say a big thank you to everyone who read my "Lazy Sunday afternoon" post earlier, and didn't tell me that it is not Sunday yet.

I've re-scheduled it for tomorrow. That was embarrassing but from my point of view, I've just gained a day. I'll take all of those I can get.

Me and Mrs Bucko are off to see Cherrybomb again this evening. That will definitely mean a lazy afternoon tomorrow. We usually come back a bit worse for wear after seeing those guys. It's all good fun though.

I love a good live pub band. I'm trying to learn the drums myself. A the moment, a warthog farting into a galvanised bucket has more musical talent than me, but I'm getting better.

I converted the attic at Moose Meadows in the summer and that's where my drum kit is. I've done my best to insulate the neighbours from the sound, but by all accounts, it's not enough. Mrs Bucko says she can hear me clearly downstairs, and my mate came over last week when I was playing, and he said he could hear me clearly up the street.

Oh well, the neighbours haven't complained yet. On the one side they have four toddlers who make a god awful racket and the bloke on the other side has a very loud stereo. We seem to have an unsaid agreement that neither of us will complain about the noise from anyone else. It works for the moment.

When we first moved in I was a bit pissed off about the noise coming from the neighbours. Fortunately it isn't very often and after a while, when I was playing the old skool tunes on a Friday and the drums on a Saturday and then Mrs Bucko took up the piano, we decided it was a good idea not to say anything to Mrs Fourtoddlers or Mr Discospeakers. We all get along fine now.

Yep, that's right. Mrs Bucko is learning piano. We could say we are a musical household but if you heard the noise from the pair of us, musical would probably not be the first word that came to mind.

I got that piano off Freecycle. I was at work one afternoon, browsing the site when I spotted, "Upright Piano, must collect today". I did a Homer Simpson style, "Free piano, free piano!". I couldn't believe my luck when I got an email saying I could have it. I didn't feel lucky for long though.

I told the warehouse manager that I had to move a piano and could I borrow the van. He said your Mrs is out in it at the moment but if she is back early enough you can borrow it. (Mrs Bucko drives the van where I work. She also drives an FLT. I drive a desk)

Anyhoo, about two hours later, Mrs Bucko comes into the office and says, "Whats this about a piano?". I hadn't mentioned it to her, but on her return, the W/H manager said you can go and get that piano now. She didn't have a clue what he was on about.

I says it's alright, it's an upright so it will only be small. Can I have it?

It took her and three warehouse lads to get the thing in the van. It's fecking huge. We had to bin the two seater couch to make room for it.

When she got back to work she told me it was so big they couldn't get it through the front door so they left it in the garden.

I was gutted. If the four of them couldn't do it, how the hell was I supposed to. I was secretly hoping someone would steal it before we got home, although I don't know how anyone would have managed that.

When we got home it turned out she was taking the piss as she wanted to get her own back a bit. They had got it into the hallway and left it there.

It still took the pair of us a good couple of hours to get the bugger into the back room though. If that thing ever leaves our house, it will do so as firewood. (I'll keep the wire, just in case we have a revolution)

It worked out well in the end though. Mrs B is learning to play it.

I have been banned from using Freecycle.

I'm off to mix myself a Funky Cold Medina. Have a good night.


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